Humans think that they are the most progressive and superior species, and through the development and technical knowledge of their brains, they claim to be above nature and its resources. However, some events take place over a century that tests this claim and tends to reverse the table. That one event is Covid-19, due to which millions of people lost their lives, and the global economy was also affected. Covid-19 is one of those kinds of events for which nobody was ready. This virus has come from China and spread everywhere. However, it is uncertain whether the virus is natural or made in the lab. Initially, there was no proper transparency about this virus, and by the time the virus was revealed to everyone. It was late to make arrangements to prevent it. And as a result of this, this virus has had a disastrous impact on our lives.

The impact of Covid-19 on the economy was according to the reports by the World Bank and IMF. The world is in a recession as this virus has hit the work badly, and many people are losing their jobs as stated in a study. The rate of unemployment in India in April and May was approximately 25%. The worst impact of this virus has been on the workers who work at daily wages, street vendors, and small retailers. But there were some opportunities in this pandemic regarding business like Making Masks, Selling Sanitizers, PPE Kits, and Gloves. These were the kind of businesses that help people to earn something. And the local grocery business also went up. Everybody was doing work From home ever since the lockdown was announced, and there are some firms like Twitter, Facebook, that have allowed their employees to work from home permanently or forever.

Migrant workers, who had lost their jobs, we are unable to pay the rent and were having trouble returning to their homes due to the lockdown since all types of transport were closed, and these workers started walking towards their homes. An example that we have, A 13-year-old girl who rides her sick father on a bicycle and travels 1200 km, clearly shows that as a society, at some point, we have failed to take care of the workers. The government started Shramik Special trains to send these workers back, and some celebrities like Sonu Sood also came forward and helped in this work.

This pandemic also harmed education, earlier we used to have physical/offline classes and examinations. But due to this pandemic, exams were postponed while classes are conducting in online mode. And most of the exams are also conducted online. There were some cases of fake news provided by some news channels, and the motive behind this is to increase the number of viewers by creating panic.

Everything has changed now as we cannot go out like before. We have to wear a mask, use sanitizer, and maintain social distancing. Everyone has become aware of health, doing Yoga and Meditation because mental health is as important as physical health. It may take some time to control the pandemic, and we just have to remain optimistic and fight this virus together.

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