Each startup story has a tale of vision and execution aspects. It is, therefore, about constructs an amazing product or delivers a fantastic service for the next big thing. We are introducing a new vision in name of Mr. Hitesh Dhanuka whose story is quite similar. After completing their education, he started to give tuitions to impart his knowledge and skills and did his job too. After a few years, he discontinued his regular work and came into the furniture business and stock trading. He had been there for a few months, then he started his venture Sunshine Residency which involves risks, debt, and uncertainties.

Barriers on the path

Maybe the start-up economy is blasting now, but it is still going through the early stage of maturity and growth in India. Liberalization was introduced as a new concept to the Indian economy. Typical start-ups faced a few challenges, such as a lack of a clear road map for long run start-ups.

The whole image has been changed now. Youngsters these days, are eager to make an experiment and being risk-takers. At the present, many of the fearless young entrepreneurs have started their journey for a wave of entrepreneurship in India.

Entrepreneurial spirit being inspirational

Ultimate success in entrepreneurship is the essential role of motivation. Motivation is necessary for those with whom entrepreneurs work and interact. Entrepreneurs need to believe, tap into sustaining their motivation for starting a business, but they should also be able to motivate others to buy their idea. You can motivate yourself through self-determination and patience. If you want to drive yourself forward you need to be an entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset can make you stay in the gray shade, get entrenched in the daily grind of entrepreneurship. You position yourself to meet everyday challenges and growth by making an effort to symbolize this mindset.

Stories, being taken in limelight or being left out

Successful start-ups founder denominated as superhuman, but the reality demonstrates them just regular persons like us. Given the unusual lifestyle of an entrepreneur, and being fueled by the idea of becoming sheer rich many start-up founders share stories of how to overcome challenges and uncertainties. For example, Flipkart is the biggest e-commerce startup. Uber-ride hailing app, which made commuting easy. – focuses on the used car segment. Oyo – the dominant player in the hospitality industry, Ali Baba – online retail service, Food Darzee – a food delivery service that customizes keto meals are some of the successful start-ups of our country. Many of the unsuccessful start-ups are not highlighted by the media from which we can learn and evolve and adapt to the changes and uncertainties with more vigor.

Mr. Hitesh Dhanuka, CEO, Dhanuka Group

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