“As long as we have hope, there is nothing one cannot achieve, everything is born from hope.”Daisaku Ikeda

We have all heard these phrases think positive, stay positive, be optimistic. However, how many of us apply them in our lives? According to my opinion not much. It is the reason why there are different types of people in our society. On the one hand, some people have everything in their life they still complain about something or the other. On the other hand, some people may not have everything they want. Nevertheless, they are satisfied with what they have and do not complain at all.

Our minds can do wonders when used in the right way. Conversely, our minds can also be our greatest enemy if we have a lot of negative thoughts. Thinking about something a lot may create problems that do not exist at all. We often have a habit of looking at the negative side of the situation rather than looking at the positive side. For example, A person already has a car then there are chances that he will complain that his friend has a better car. However, he will not say that he is satisfied with what he has.

We should train our minds to think positively in every situation. I know it may not be easy to do at first, but with time and practice, it will work. For instance, the next time someone asks you how your day was. Even if you faced some difficulty during the day, do not tell them your day was not good. Instead, tell them that your day was good, but you had faced some problems. Here it matters how we perceive the situation and develop our attitude according to it.

Positivity always attracts positivity. Staying positive can also reduce stress. If we start our day with a positive thought, then there are chances the whole day will be good. Nevertheless, A single negative thought can be bad for a day. Gratitude is another way of staying positive in life. Practicing gratitude every day can do wonders in your life as it gives you a positive attitude.

Nilesh Solanki

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