Mixed feeling – My Learning Experience – 2020

My Learning Experience as a student is quite mixed, it can be considered as the stressful or happy, or sad one. Talking about my Online or Nowadays know to be the E-classes is like having a cup of tea on the bed with laptop and laptop on lap taking classes is amazing. It has a new thrill or fun. If you have an interactive session otherwise turning off the camera and doing your stuff. But some of the pros do their work by turning on the camera.

I would have taken to time to get used to it because for me it was a new phase of life that was starting plus It was online due to this pandemic was too much stress. I was expecting a lot of things and I already had a thought like I would go to college will make new friends and have a new family but all went in vain because all of the things went online. It was a huge struggle because studying online taking all the classes and doing every stuff online was difficult until you get used to it.

It is said with a lot of cons some benefits also come that was with the e-learning because at low cost we were having a lot of things to do. Moreover, we were spending time with our family, friends, and loved ones because the time which we were going through was tuff time. And it is said whenever there is tuff time the only one who supports you or provides you all the stuff & comfort is your family. Living with family after 5 years for this long was a lot of cherry on the cake. The major Con for this time as we were not aware of the teachers because we met only those teachers who were taking our sessions even, we are not aware of the classmates because we haven’t met them didn’t have physical interactions. Even I am scared about my grades because online there is difficulty in understanding and Internet issues were on top. After all, whole the family uses the internet and it gets stuck. It happened to me a lot of times because whenever I was giving viva or any presentation it gets stuck. It was a bit busier than a physical one.

In this whole period, I felt lazier because we cannot go out staying home and doing all the stuff at home eating and eating. This online thing made me realize that I can work independently and can work better. The thing I loved in this period was online meeting and chill outs. The major part is I was able to relax more and have food.

This Learning experience of 2020 had I genuinely do not want it again because the physical ones are best. In physical mode, we can present our best without any hesitation. I am waiting to get back to the Physical mode.

  • Nisha Chandani

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