“2020” was nothing like it was from 1998 to 2019 as I am 22 now. A year that started with my first job but is not ending with any good news. Although lockdown brought families together, more closer to each other, and also took many apart as being 24 hours together is also typical. Twenty20 gave any new experiences which were not even given a thought before. Experiencing house arrest to online classes, for imagining to get coffee in bed to taking classes half-dressed has just been a rollercoaster ride. This lockdown brought tears to some and maybe joy to school-going kids as each one of them once in a lifetime has dreamt 6 months holidays as we used to.

Talking about my experience, it was sour and sweet both. Sweet because father and we were not able to spend much time before, sitting together helping mother in housework and also “ ludo “ becoming the passing time game where we have found numbers where we used to taunt each other. Sour because it helped in getting to know the real faces of people when I came back home during the lockdown and was locked in the house just because of traveling they degraded us because of the government notice of “28 days quarantine”. Not only that, after that Jaipuria Institute of Management became a savage, helping to survive the lockdown and pandemic in a creative and educative way.

The Festival I loved “Diwali” was spent in house meeting no friends no family relatives was also a pain in the head. 2020 taught me that nothing is impossible if we believe we can do it, it taught me to be strong in lows and celebrate my ups with family instead of always with friends.

It gave me an experience of teaching been receive online, which I didn’t like. Being from a family with having medical background gives your more boundaries in a pandemic like this. We experienced medicinal does every day with my father and get daily grandparents’ experiences with their stories were needed to get the childhood days back. Eating food and trying cooking to make my mum feel like she has a daughter was a hell of an experience as I hate cooking but love eating.

I gave my writing more time than before and also got improvement in it as I used to write only quotes before but now I write articles and small life experiences too. I tried blogging but didn’t got a proper platform to do it but the search is still on. As my mum always wanted to experience her daughter cooking for her and she relaxing, seeing that was also a good feeling of relief. We redeveloped broken bonds and separated them from the unnecessary ones. In mid of all these experiencing online exams was also fun. I experienced that being interested in clicking pictures has increased and my shyness has gone away.  But I would again say, the lockdown was important for safety but it became important for families which were not able to spend time together.

-Rishika Goyal

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