Nyctophobia By Taliban

Taliban has taken control of more than 60% of the area in Afghanistan, again coming with their strict sharia law which they think is the will of God. Laws are made by humans in the name of god and people like these(Taliban) impose them heartlessly on innocent peoples. For them, humanity does not even exist. They see everyone as a mere slave who will do whatever they want them to. From killings to attacks, the chaos in Afghanistan is increasing day by day. 

And again the dark era is likely to come for the girls in Afghanistan. In the week leading up to their return to power, the Taliban’s leadership has strived to portray a softer image than when they last ruled Afghanistan between 1966 and 2001. The violence with women, their struggle for education are again likely to come there. Women like Malala Yousafzai who was even shot on her head by a Taliban gunman, fight too much in past years for girl’s education and now again women in Afghanistan are likely to face the same situation ( many from there writes about the same on social media). 

Youth are in immense danger there, just imagine monsters ruling the area where you live, you don’t have any idea what going to happen next, your future seems foggy to you. In past years also According to reports many youngsters are influenced and threatened by the Taliban army to join them and become like them. They are becoming strong day by day because more people especially youth are joining them willingly or unwillingly. 

This has to be stopped, otherwise, it will become a big disaster for the whole World. The world is divided into countries but still, we all share the same planet, the same sky then why not help each

other. A country like India helped the people(Hindu and Sikh) in Afghanistan to come to India but what about the others who left them they are humans too, just imagine the situation where every breath you take become uncertain, every moment is filled with fear of death, people there are feeling the same thing. 

God is one universal power and is the same for everyone, hope everyone will understand this and wish for people in trouble. 

-Sakshi Jangid

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