Private hosspitals: The Saviours or provider of Grandeur Service

Hospitals are the place created by human beings for surgical treatment and nursing care for sick and injured human beings. In the medicine field, India is known from ancient times, the famous medical treatment known as AYURVEDA in which herbs are used for the healing process. Ayurveda is around 3000 years old. Today, In India one of the best professional courses studied is MEDICINE all comes after that. Indian doctors still breaking the records of best surgery in the world. According to 2019 data of the website Statista, there are an estimated 69 thousand Public and Private hospitals in India. Of which 43 thousand are private sector hospitals outnumbering the public sector. The health of citizens plays a crucial role in the economy. The government of India is providing health insurance schemes to make good medical treatment affordable. Around 500 million people in the fiscal year 2020 across India are covered under the health insurance scheme, the number of people who benefitted from it is still very low. 

Private hospitals always bear the allegation that they charge too much money from the patient, and I think nobody disagrees with this. Private hospitals are providing the treatments which are not available in a government hospital, they are providing the level of hygiene, they are providing the required attention and time, and many more services that government hospitals are unable to provide. So, my question is for what exactly private hospitals are working for? Are they working for bridging the gap between the provided services by public sector hospitals and required services by patients? As an individual why anyone does that?

As COVID-19 pushes healthcare systems to the brink, now the role of the public sector should be examined very carefully. A germane question is whether private hospitals have the wherewithal and intent to handle such contingencies, or are they more impelled to achieve corporate objectives.

In this time of pandemic crisis, the public health system can come together where some doctors who are willing to volunteer and can work temporarily for the public sector will be beneficial for the nation. Some private sector hospitals are willing to work as public sector hospitals temporarily until the crisis is over. Finally, while governments are best placed to respond to epidemics of this magnitude, they need to build complementary partnerships with people from the private and civil society space.

Private hospitals are an institution that is run by a bunch of people like a company. Where some are working for the profit and some are working for the benefit of the consumer. I believe Private hospitals are both the saviors and the provider of grandeur service.

-Akansha Jangid

One thought on “Private hosspitals: The Saviours or provider of Grandeur Service

  1. I completely agree with the Thoughts expressed in the blog. Private hospitals are looting general public in the name of health and not abiding by the oath the doctors take after becoming a doctor.


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