Manmade Dilemma

Let us start with a story …. there was a girl and her family gave her two options, whether to choose her career or she can get married if she wants to and the girl is confused, what to choose and what not? This was a normal storyline, and everyone can relate to it. So, we often face these types of questions or situations where we have to choose either way and that situation is called a “dilemma”. 

Humans are confused creatures and their thinking capacity makes the situations more complex. 

We have always been asked a question like this, “either to choose love or career”, the most common dilemma and if you have never faced a situation like this, then congratulations! You are god’s favorite. 

But if one wants to answer the question, one should know about both the terminologies. So let us talk about the first term that is LOVE.


Love is a feeling or we can say, something intangible but we can feel it intensely. everyone is having a different definition about love. for instance; 

  • Love is a feeling of peace and safety.
  • The one who makes you feel better.
  • The one who spends life with you or who can even put himself in danger to save you.
  • It is all about getting married, having a family, and living the whole life together.

And many more definitions are there which I came across in my whole life. Now we can observe one thing it is mostly related to the other person than ourselves in simple words love is not something that will always come from the opposite gender or another person. Love is a beautiful feeling that comes from inside every other feeling for some opposite gender is attraction and infatuation. In some cases, it is the other person that makes us feel realized that we are having love in ourselves. Yes, that other person who tells you, that you are not only having dark sides but you are having immensely beautiful bright sides, the person who tells you that you look cute with this fat tummy, the person who tells you that you look beautiful with this skinny body, the person who tells you the real you, who tells you that it is fine to fail sometimes, it is fine to cry sometimes, it is absolutely fine having mood swings and you are imperfectly perfect.

And guess what this person can be anyone your boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, friend, teacher, mentor even you because you are the source of love. 

When you find actual love rather than attraction or infatuation then it will automatically take you to new heights, it will help you to grow and you will be the highest vibing personality.

After reading the above paragraph, do you think we have to choose either career or love?

A career doesn’t only mean a huge amount of money, fame, or bank balance. A career is more than that and with all these materialistic things, it is more about being happy and satisfied with yourself. So, that someday in future you would not regret anything.

A career is more about learning and growing till the last breath. People having a great job or profession, having a lot of money, bungalows are committing suicide, why? 

A simple answer is that they may be successful in choosing their materialistic careers but they failed in choosing themselves as a source of love. Not going on the suicidal part lets us again move to the dilemma of love and career.

So after a beautiful explanation of love and career we should have got one thing that both love and career are the most important aspects of life, and then raising the question that chose only one, human is stopping him from having a great grand life, a fulfilled life with unstoppable growth. So if you ever found yourself stuck in such a dilemma again, first find out both the options for you who is your love and what is the career opportunity and trust me, when one finds the actual love then he will grow gradually without any effort because those efforts will look beautiful to the one, if he is full of love. So better chose both the ways together love and career but remember don’t confuse love with attraction or infatuation because where love represents growth, attraction represents distraction and anything that distracts you from learning and growing can never be your love.

In simple words love is peace and a peaceful man can win the heart of the world.

And just like this dilemma, more than half of the dilemmas are created by the human mind hence I titled the blog “Manmade Dilemma”.

-Richa Sharma

2 thoughts on “Manmade Dilemma

  1. Very well said that the human himself makes the situation complicated…he himself creates the dilemma . In life one should never mix the processional and love life it creates extra made it clear the love career and attractions.


  2. Very well said that the human himself makes the situation complicated…he himself creates the dilemma . In life one should never mix the processional and love life it creates extra made it clear the love career and attractions.


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