My two cents on these characters of cinema

Phoebe from friends 

Friends are one of my favourite show because of so many reasons, all the characters have their unique identities but phoebe holds a special place in my heart. She is kind of awkward and clumsy while the other character is pretty cool. She made me accept the part of myself that sometimes I feel uncomfortable showing. It is okay to be different from others and be proud of it. She has normalized that being goofy, clumsy and sometimes being unintelligent is okay. What I admire the most about her is the fact she is never scared of anyone and stood up by her principles. She always supported her friends and being honest about the things that others are not open about. Life has been hard on her but she made the best out of it. Sometimes we try so hard to be accepted by others but she made me realize that you can be yourself and people will love you for what you are.

Eric from sex education 

With his sassy and cheerful personality, it is hard to not love him. Despite his father’s constant disapproval of his sexuality, he manages to feel confident and accept himself the way he is. On top of everything, he teaches us to follow our hearts, stand up for ourselves and constantly push the boundaries beyond masculinity and femininity. Let’s just agree he is the best, unapologetic version of himself who makes people around him better.  

Rani from queen 

She is the character who has shown so much positive development within the three hours, starting from a girl who is dependent on her lover to the girl who is in Paris living an independent life. From seeing her being sorry about many things she loves to do to being an unapologetic person loving her flaws and insecurities. I have learned from her that it’s okay to be scared of things but it is not okay to not try them. Her transformation has shown a positive impact that even if someone hurt you, one should not hold grudges against them and forgive them but not forget what they did. She learned how certain circumstances can change the world around you but from the moment you start living it for yourself, life will always cherish you. 

Tara from Tamasha 

Instead of being like Tara, I wanted a friend like tara in my life. Someone who isn’t trapped in a society that follows rules. One who wanted to follow what our hearts desire and listen to our dreams. Deep down we all crave the warmth that will comfort us and understand us even if we deny it. A friend who knows that we all live in different worlds with our fantasies and dream that follow different stories than reality. 

Alexis from Schitt’s Creek 

Seeing an entitled character like Alexis eventually recognize her privileges is indeed a treat. She shows us that it’s never too late to do the right thing. Finishing her graduation in her 30’s with hard work, set up her standard and priorities what is important. She thought me you can build a meaningful life even it’s the toughest place to live in, one can always start a new life and make that life worth living. It was saddening to see ALEXIS leaving her relationship for good. If a relationship does not give you personal growth, we need to think about it.  

Tara from made in heaven 

I have seen the different shades of her throughout the series which has tough me a different meaning of out which comes out in many layers. She has shown us ” Not forgetting your roots ” is so much important in this artificial world, where we have to pretend to be someone else just to fit in within the society. It means not to hold yourself back but to believe in your inner identity. She realized what self-love and acceptance are.

There are many characters with great perspective, some are awkward, some are intelligent, and there are even characters like young Sheldon where the protagonist is one of the most brilliant minds but yet find difficult to fit on. But don’t you relate yourself with these people on the list even though they are fictional but keep on giving us the reality check of our inner identities. So, I would like to thank these well-written fictional characters for letting us know that we are the best version of ourselves and we should be proud of it.

-Priyanka Lakhotia

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