Surr & Ragg

Music (Surr & Ragg) has a lot of power. It appeals to a primordial part of our psyche. It inspires people to get up and get their knees moving.’ A piece of good music may put people in a pleasant mood far more effectively than words alone.

Go to the gym if you want to firm up your body. Listen to music if you want to exercise your brain. Music can heal all wounds. Music can improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory, as well as reducing anxiety, blood pressure, and discomfort. Music is one of our greatest passions in life. There’s always a piece of music to fit our sentiments and occasions, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the start of a new relationship, or just a beautiful Sunday morning or a drab working Monday afternoon.

Although music is well-known as a part of daily life and a tool for mood and emotion management, many people’s lives have changed dramatically as a result of the global coronavirus epidemic, making the role of music in daily life less certain. During the lockout, videos of neighbours singing to each other across their balconies went popular on social media. This pattern was observed in India, Spain, Italy, the United States, and Germany, among other places. Violins, flutes, and even kitchenware were on display. Our brains release oxytocin, the “love” hormone, when we sing or listen to music together, according to research.

So here I start with my experience of Surr & Raag during the pandemic time. The pandemic was harming everyone’s mind as well as physical health. The only stress buster for me during the pandemic time was “MUSIC”. I can’t complain about being on furlough for three months in the summer… Except for the nagging feeling that it’ll be over soon. Music was the most powerful thing during the global pandemic and worked as a stress buster for all of us. Any significant event in my life is marked by music – from the bands I saw at the festival to the summer songs that were on repeat. – certain albums have proven to be invaluable during pandemic days.

The album “Indian Ocean” was released in 1990. Every time I listened to it; it brought a grin to my face. The airy, sunny tones were soothing because they were simple to listen to and relaxed me. In a time when my mind was restless with new news updates every two minutes, I didn’t want to listen to loud music.

 The virtual concert became new normal during 2020 because the music industry was heavily hit by the Co-vid, experiments with internet concerts, and live-streaming as a strategy to survive in the industry during the pandemic, artists broadcasted live performances on Instagram and YouTube, mixed with banter and the invocation of “positive vibes.” However, as it became clear that the pandemic and societal separation were here to stay, the music industry was compelled to consider internet performances and live-streaming as a viable option for survival. Some of India’s largest music festivals and concerts have gone online in recent months, with promoters and event organizers experimenting with new methods to appeal to an audience that has been stuck at home for months which help people to relax their mind from outer stress of pandemic.

A.R. Rehman and other soulful artists always have me dancing and forgetting about the problems of the world, and they’ve become my new favourites as well. Mr Blue Sky is a must-listen. It was chosen as the “happiest song ever” by the public.

 Hey there Mr Blue

We’re so pleased to be with you

Look around see what you do

Everybody smiles at you 

Music heals people from every bad situation. Music also improves memory. It improves your brain’s ability to stimulate and recall information. It aids in the treatment of mental disease since it alters the brain by assisting in the release of neurochemicals. When people are apprehensive, music can play a crucial part in calming them down.

I’m grateful for the pandemic in certain ways. Yes, it’s been the most frustrating and trying time I’ve ever had, but without it, I wouldn’t have had the drive to pursue a new, interesting path, or to discover new hobbies and a new appreciation for those close to me. I consider it a major accomplishment in and of itself that I survived the pandemic with four housemates without killing each other!

People’s ideas and moods can be influenced by music. It can be advantageous to use in a variety of ways. It promotes your mental, emotional, and physical health by boosting memory and improving cognitive function. It also improves mood, recuperation, task endurance, and overall mental, emotional, and physical health. Music has proven to be beneficial to humans. People can improve their talent and health on a greater scale because of the numerous benefits it provides. It is advantageous to a person’s overall well-being. It can be critical to listen to and feel the music as it can assist you in your daily activities.

– Neha Mathur

2 thoughts on “Surr & Ragg

  1. The blog is very impressive and portrays the realistic picture of almost every youth’s mind specifically during the pandemic. It gives a very comprehensive outlook of music and the role that it plays in human life. Music has been a great stress buster and a very soothing factor to overcome or deal with the anxiety during the pandemic.


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