A Silent Ride

If I ask you a simple question about when you are riding a bike, a car, or any vehicle then what kind of sound do you hear? So, obviously, your answer will be the sound of “engine”. But what if there is total silence while you are riding a vehicle. I know it sounds ridiculous but it will be the future of vehicles. A vehicle with no carbon emission and no sound pollution “A Silent Ride”.

One of the biggest changes that we are now seeing is the transition from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. A new world having all-electric vehicles is now the vision of some of the company and major improvements can be seen in the last 5 years in the electric vehicles segment. Even though some electric vehicles have already been available in the market for a long time, due to their lack of efficiency and the high cost, they are not considered a good option. But now the scenario is changing and a major shift in electric vehicles can be seen. It is because of the benefits that electric vehicles have and one amongst them is “Environment friendly”. As the need to control global warming is of high importance the use of electric vehicles acts as a major relief to the carbon emission that today gasoline-powered vehicles are producing. Definitely, a time will come when electric vehicles totally replace gasoline-powered vehicles.

Now as the trend is shifting, more people have started using electric vehicles and some of them are also planning to go for an electric vehicle the next time they buy. And so, one of the events is when my friend purchased a new electric vehicle (basically a 2-wheeler). He always wanted to have an electric vehicle and now finally he has purchased it. And because of that I actually got the opportunity to ride it. Since I never rode an electric vehicle before, it was totally a new and thrilling experience of riding an electric vehicle for me. With no sound at all while riding, sometimes it feels strange as we are not used to riding such a vehicle but it is a new and thrilling experience for me. Even though there are so many people who love the sound of the gasoline-powered engine, and even I am also the one who loves that sound but it is only for a short time. After some time, it starts irritating. So, after riding it for the first time I feel attached to it. It is not only the sound but its power and features that also attracted my attention.

Another event is when my friend visited my house. He is fond of riding a sportbike. He has a sport-bike with slight modifications in it and one of the modifications in his bike is in the exhaust. As a result, the vehicle produces louder sounds than before. So, whenever he arrives at my house, he doesn’t have to call me to come out. Because of the loud exhaust sound from his vehicle, due to which I got to know that he had arrived. So, it was like the sound that his bike produces is acting as a communicator between us. It was a unique experience for both of us. But now as the trend is shifting and he is fond of riding a bike so recently he has purchased a new 2-wheeler “electric vehicle”. And as the electric vehicle does not produce any sort of sound so now when he visits my house with his new vehicle (electric) it is of complete silence. Now that the fun part is over, he still enjoys riding in his new vehicle.

With the transition from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles, Silent Ride will become the new normal in the near future. This transition will be visible not just in two-wheelers and four-wheelers, but also in trains and other types of transportation. This adoption of new technology will undoubtedly result in a much more silent workplace, which is currently lacking.

In my opinion, the electric vehicle will present us with new wonderful experiences. For example, the Tesla company is providing test drives on their new fully automated electric cars, it aims to improve the customer’s personal experience towards automatic electric driving. And driving a Tesla’s fully automated electric car is also on my bucket list [wish lists]. So, I guess the future of electric vehicles is bright and this industry will grow further in the near future.

-Chirag Gupta

One thought on “A Silent Ride

  1. Silent feature of electronic vehicle is not as good as it seems. We all know that we are not habitual of silence when we drive as many of us enjoy the sound which are bike produces.
    But do you know that there has been a warning sound devices were deemed necessary by some government regulators because of vehicle operating in all electric mode, this type of vehicle produce less noise than the traditional vehicle and can make it more difficult for pedestrians and cyclists. And to be aware of that this law has been made that their should be warning sound in the electronic vehicle in many countries


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