What pops in your mind when you first hear this word “Addiction” Cigarettes, drugs, gaming, surfing and so many other things but I think whatever comes to your mind first when we hear this word that is the thing that we are addicted to? I think addiction is just a sense of mind that gets activated when you don’t get to see the thing that you see regularly and it makes you want that thing right at that moment it makes you impatient

I can’t judge that addiction is good or bad because according to me it can be in both ways it depends on what you are addicted to a person can be addicted to book reading that would benefit him, A person can be addicted to another person and if that person turns out to be making you feel good it will only benefit your mental health, A person can be addicted to playing digital games that too can be called productive but only till it doesn’t affect your health A person can be addicted to work on the thing he or she is passionate about that would make him productive so all I want to say by this that the term  “Addiction” is not negative. And being addicted to something is also an addition to the way of living it can make a person’s life most beautiful but it has the power to make it worst too. Addiction is a much-diversified term than what we think it is. If we start exploring addictions in ourselves, we will find so many things within ourselves that we are also addicted to but we never realized that we can call doing them or seeing them “addiction” before.     

The Loop

 As good it looks or feels it can also make you feel bad when it comes to getting rid of it, getting rid of any kind of addiction is the most challenging task for the human mind, In the аddiсtiоn, there are so many therарy and use of mediсаtiоns are available.  But, tаking these meаsures only works when you accept рrоblem insteаd оf remain in deniаl that it’s not a problem.  Fаmily and other people suрроrt рlаys a very important rоle beсаuse the аddiсt mаy need а lоt оf emоtiоnаl аnd рsyсhоlоgiсаl suрроrt during this stаge.  The therарists аlsо exрlаin tо the соnсerned рersоn, the reаsоns аnd sрeсiаl situаtiоns whiсh trigger his craving for his/her addictive thing.  This helрs the рersоn in оbserving аnd makes his behаviоr better for future. We get to hear a lot and a lot of ways to get rid of it but I think the only way that works that can make you get rid of it is to keep your mind occupied during the time whenever you feel that rush, You have to start pretending that you don’t feel that rush for the thing that you want to get rid of even in front of only yourself and you have to keep on pretending and it phases out with the time being passed and you will realize that pretending you had to do you don’t have to do that you are free of that rush in mind to get those things.

-Ganesh Advani

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