Unlock the Power of Mind

‘’ You are essentially who you create yourself to be, 

 And all that occur in your life is the result of your own making ‘’  

At this moment, I’m reflecting on just how true these lines are. As human beings, the most powerful part  is our MIND. It is more or less like a superpower, which; when unleashed, can prosper us with the greatest  joys of life. 

Understanding the way our mind works has always been complex, yet we never stop trying! Along with  guessing the turnings of our brain, we come across a path to control and command our mind the way we  want I.e., Mind Empowerment. 

Scientifically defined as, taking control of your mind/life, and making decisions solely on the basis of what  YOU want, Mind Empowerment is the clear tool to stop moping and take your life in your hands. 

Empowering our mind is a simple yet crafty errand, thus to help with that here are some tips that will  help us grow and strengthen control over our MIND- 

1)Be conscious about what you’re putting in your mind: 

The first step is recognizing helpful and unhelpful thoughts. It is very important to understand and  segregate the positive and negative thoughts as they help in building the main content of our mind.  Discarding negative thoughts that produce turmoil for our inner peace is necessary and assists in setting  aside fears.

2)Be open to change: 

A major roadblock in this journey is doubt and uncertainties. The future is a mystery and we may  experience failure but changes are inevitable. To control our mind, it is salient to accept  change. 

And Mind You! 

Change doesn’t have to be a big leap. It can also come in subtle ways that create large ripples in our  lives. 

3)Surround yourself with positive people and things: 

Who you surround yourself with is very important, choose to surround yourself with ‘good people’; people  that have positive approaches to life, are kind, and who support us wholeheartedly. This kind of  environment rubs off on you and is bound to make you confident, positive and healthy both mentally  and emotionally. 

4)Don’t let others thoughts influence you: 

When you touch a point of success / change, people will respond to you differently. Paying attention to  how others respond to your success and failures is vital because that is what will reveal their true  thoughts about you and will tell you who is genuinely happy for you. 

The thoughts and assumptions of others do not apply to what you should be and what you are capable of  doing. 

5)Allow yourself to be creative or successful: 

Many people hinge their happiness or goals in life by saying,’ I’ll be happy when I get my business off the  ground.’

These statements are not healthy because we’re hinging our happiness and growth on specific results. It  is a terrible mindset because we are telling ourselves that we are miserable now and the only thing that  matters is achieving a certain goal. Allow yourself to be happy now and believe that your life now is good. 

Yes, it could be better, but always REMEMBER that our mind feeds on energy, either positive or  negative. Therefore, it’s better to create a light, healthy and positive abode around us. 

6)Find your resistance: 

Despite fears, doubts and negativity there may be other areas we have resistance. Sometimes, most of  us do one thing and then suddenly stop, or maybe we start procrastinating and then stop bothering  about things altogether. 

Take time to figure out why you do this and understand your reasons. 

’You have the power you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There  are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind’’ 

Darwin P. Kingsley 

To sum this up I can say that our MIND is a powerful tool that can be used in the way that we want, we can  overload our Subconscious mind with positive and helpful content rather than negative garbage. 

We can use our mind to do exactly what we want by just giving the right and positive commands to it. 

Mind can be refreshed, recycled, and rejuvenated very easily when one knows how to use it for their own good. It’s like holding the reins in your hands and deciding the right path for our future.

-Aishwarya Parihar

One thought on “Unlock the Power of Mind

  1. Well-written blog about subconscious mind that we fill or overload our mind with positivity and remove out the negativity from our mind. the tips regarding the growth of the mind and strength the control on the mind is very well and accurately written. Being positive and having a healthy mind keep a person healthy and wealthy.
    very informative content.


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