Are you the body with a mind or a mind with a body?

Our mind is actually physically biological for us and the mind is for thinking and handles complicated things. Are you the only physical body that experiences emotions? That is a body with the mind. The things you do after the out of the box are a mind with the body. Mind and body are two of are separate things? If the person has a thought and feelings then person is actually alive. The body is only a temporary shell. if brain doesn’t  have a brain and shapes so how does your nervous system work. We have mental persona about different things. Our brain starting working with outside life when somebody takes birth and creates reforestations and experience ourselves. Our senses can be misleading that’s why our body can is separated from our physical soul. In the future, we will able to decide but now it can be possible? 

How much does it cost to stand upright?

I felt that brain and body are connected to each other. There are some questions come in mind how we move, how we eat, how we learn and how we think. Are we really in control of our movements? Body and mind in a way connected to each other. It depends how we perceive the environment. Some people thought mind and body are independent to each other and some thought they are dependent to each other. But I thought mind is taking the decisions from the body and body is taking the decisions from the mind. Brain is something that we can see and mind is something we cannot see. Somehow, we can control body and but we can’t control mind. I believe body is an accumulation of food. I can give one instance as when I eat a food my mind automatic start working. I think mind is something that seen the expression of outside world and acquire that in skillset. When I acquire this much expression and this much of body something more fundamental must be there in it. Body is a physical being. I felt there is a possibility of that whatever activity you are doing is from that particular data you stored in your mind and only according to that you are functioning. Data we stored in our mind irrespective of it is big or small but in actual it is nothing. I felt it is of no use. The information we gathered in our mind by seeing external environment it may be useful for many purposes such as useful in creating creative things and for the purpose of survival it may required and for the enhancement of survival process but it doesn’t give access towards life. Thought and emotions one person can have you can show that in any way you want. I guess people is full of emotions and their drama is going on. We sometimes give the name of the depression. Either your mind and body you can conduct it consciously or it’s become compulsive. It’s totally depended on a person to call it a physical ailment or a mental ailment but all this is happening because the existence on the earth is your body and the mind.

I am so happy in my life as I can able to forget the things very quickly. We try to clean our mind. On daily basis we are cleaning our body as it is possible to clean our mind as well. As we don’t realize that garbage present in our mind is affecting our body. Negative thoughts present in our mind let to depression, stress and criticism. All this is affecting our physical body. Our conscious mind is doing the calculations and due to that we are not able to understand our inner feelings but unconscious made us understand what wrong is going in our life. 10 to 12% mind belongs to conscious mind and 88 to 90% brain belongs to sub conscious mind. Sub conscious mind is not intelligent but understand the inner feelings and conscious mind is intelligent and think logical.

At last, I want to conclude that mind and body is working together. They are inseparable and if one affects another also affect. So, maintain balance between mind and body.  

– Sarthak Jain

One thought on “Are you the body with a mind or a mind with a body?

  1. At first, right after reading this blog, I was quite terrified because I didn’t get a thing. However, after digging into the topic for a while, I’ve worked out something important. Something I’d like to share , as it really comes in handy for understanding the concept.
    In my view, the idea is that a person is neither a body with a mind nor a mind with a body. A person is a system, where both a mind and a body perform different, but equally significant, functions. Here is why.
    Imagine a human as a computer. Speaking computer science (hope you are familiar with a computer structure), our brain is a processor and the body is information input/output means. In other words, your mind is undoubtedly in charge of processing information, which is what we do every day and what we live for (in a way). To be precise, by the information I mean our sensations, of course, that we gain from our sense organs. That is the point where our physical bodies play a crucial role. We gain knowledge about everything around us (including ourselves, actually) by listening, watching, touching, sniffing, and tasting. Therefore, if not for the sense organs, there would be no information for the brain to work on and no outcoming conclusions made and no knowledge gained and no picture of the world created, no perception, and no ourselves, as we know it, after all. This made me emotional. There is beauty in humanity trying to understand itself. “If we close our eyes in a silent room, the feeling of having a body isn’t something we can just imagine away.”
    It seems like this is quite untrue. You can meditate and let go of the feeling of having a body. You can also daydream/dream the feeling away.
    Concluding, a mind does control a body, but it (a mind) wouldn’t be so almighty, if not for a body.


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