Education system and Me 

When I was in school, I was not a student who was proactive during the class, understanding all the concepts very well. I used to study one or two months before the exams and pass them with some decent grades. But I always used to wonder, why our education system is such that it tests the memory power of a student, course understanding concepts were important but during the exam, the understanding was not tested at all only and only memory power, ones who can members things easily can score well in exams. I have seen some students who were very good at memorizing texts from the book and scores excellent grades in exams but if we check their understanding they will not even pass.

Some relive I got when I started studying ‘Business Studies’ subject in my 11th & 12th class. Its exams used to have some questions which test understanding of the subject and not only memory. Apart from this accountancy is my favorite subject because it is purely based on an understanding of concepts, no memorizing is going to help except some accounting rules and principles. But earlier I was not at all interested in studying commerce, I used to like science especially physics. I wanted to study mechanical engineering and become an automobile engineer. But I was not good at mathematics so I was not allowed to opt for science as my stream of study in my high school. So, I opted for commerce unwillingly but later its subject become my favorite. 

On July 29, 2020, I heard the news about New Education Policy by the government. I got to stick to television and hear it properly and after hearing all the things one thing that come out to me was ‘Well Done Modi Ji’. I was happy to know about the new education policy and I was eager to start my schooling again. I believe that if the new education policy is implemented properly then its result will take India too far. Changes like a medium of communication in primary school are allowed to be mother tongue will help students like me who were not proactive during classes may be because of the communication barrier, which I believe will no longer prevail. 

The structure, which was 10+2 during my school time wherein I was supposed to choose a subject after my 10th class and then study it only for 2 years, is now changed to 5+3+3+4. In the Foundational Stage of 5 years i.e., pre-school to class 2, students will get activity-based learning. In the Preparatory Stage of 3 years i.e., classes 3 to 5, students will get discovery and activity-based and interactive classroom learning. In the Middle Stage of 3 years i.e., classes 6 to 8, students will get experiential learning in science, mathematics, arts, social science, and humanities. Also, an opportunity of a 10-day bagless period sometime during grade 6-8 to intern with local vocational experts such as carpenters, gardeners, potters, artists, etc. will be provided to students for vocational learning. Apart from it, coding will be taught from class 6 onwards, which I studied in my +2.

 In the Secondary Stage of 4 years i.e., classes 9 to 12, students will get multidisciplinary study, greater critical thinking, flexibility, and student’s choice of subject. Also, earlier students were allowed to study only one stream of study at a time, but now it is more flexible and students can study like physics with accountancy, political science with chemistry, or any combination. To reduce the stress of board exams, it is decided to conduct the board exams in 2 parts: objective and descriptive, focus will be to promote knowledge application rather than rote learning. Board may be converted into a semester/ modular system.

Student performance report card which is used to be prepared by only teachers during my school time, which was based solely on teachers’ analysis is now changed. Report cards will include self-assessment by students in addition to existing teachers’ evaluation sheets along with that students will also evaluate the performance of their classmates, as a peer may know about a person more than his teacher. PARAKH (Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development) a new national assessment center will be set up as a standard-setting body.

During my graduation, different courses have different periods some have 3 years some have 4 some have 5. And when a student starts studying one course then he cannot change it in between. Like when I started studying BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in my graduation from Rajasthan University, many times I felt like did I made a mistake by opting it, can I change it now? Will it be feasible? etc. but the system was like If I drop out of one course then I will be having no certificate, remark, or anything for the duration I spent in that course. But now in the new policy, the undergraduate degree will have multiple exit options. A Certificate course after completing 1 year in a discipline including vocational and professional areas, a Diploma after 2 years of study, a Bachelor’s degree after 3 years program. The 4-year multidisciplinary bachelor’s program.

Since I was not proactive during classes so sometimes along with other students, we doubt about teacher’s qualifications also. But the new policy has taken care of this also by stating that it proposes to set the 4- year integrated BEd as the minimum educational qualification for teachers by 2030. however, a 2-year BEd will also be considered for teachers who have bachelor’s degrees in other specialized subjects. This leaves no option to doubt teachers’ qualifications.

 The earlier government used to spend only 3% of the GDP of the country on the education sector. Now according to the New Education Policy government will spend nearly 6% of the GDP of the country on the Education sector to develop new means of education, make the system stronger and more reliable, develop educational infrastructure like new colleges, institutions, schools. The policy says that ‘high performing’ Indian universities shall be encouraged to set up campuses in other countries. Similarly, selected universities- such as those from among the top 100 universities in the world- shall be encouraged to operate in India.

After knowing about New Education Policy, I am of a strong opinion that students will be going to have a holistic development which will help them to have strong critical thinking skills, analytical skills, help them in career. And I believe that the world is going to see a new India in the coming few years.

-Roshni Gyamlani

2 thoughts on “Education system and Me 

  1. It was an illuminating blog. I can relate to all this as I was also such kind of student who used to hate memorizing text materials from books and copying them from our brain and then pasting it on the answer sheet. I too believe that experienced learning is more important than book learning because one may forget what he has memorized but will never forget what he has experienced. Thank you for writing this blog. Hoping for more such blogs.


  2. That’s so relatable I know many of us have felt the same thing in our life and new education policy will definitely bring revolution in the education system. You shared your experience wonderfully nice blog


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