My music Journey: How it has helped me become what I am today

When I was a young child of about 7-8 years, my early influence of the word “music” was my father’s rock music CDs which he used to play in the car and then that was the first time I heard a whole band playing various instruments together and the most striking sound was the guitar. I often thought if I could play it one day but the thought of learning everything from scratch was a distant dream. My dad noticed my interest tapping my feet to the guitar notes and asked me if I wanted to learn. At such a young age, I thought I could never learn but then I was told that this is the best age to start learning. And thus began my musical journey.

They say a lot that new activity or a new beginning is often very challenging initially, it requires a great amount of patience. When I first started it seemed very difficult for me because given my small hands at that time, it became difficult to play. My guitar tutor was my greatest source of inspiration at that time.

8 year old me was not someone like a regular kid at my age. I used to be a very quiet, shy person. I never dared to even stand up and answer a simple question in class. Even in the earlier days when I started learning I used to never feel confident to play in front of anyone, I used to get nervous and anxious. I used to try to gather confidence to play but the stage fear used to get to my head and I never could take it out of me. My music that I listened to at that time was very different from other kids. While other kids preferred Bollywood music at that time, I used to devote my time listening to the same CDs my father used to play. I was so engrossed in that music that I used to try playing a lot of those songs but never ended learning them. In school, I was always underconfident to even admit that I played the guitar because of the fear that they would ask me to play in front of the whole school and I would break down and cry.

As of today, I am 21 and confident as I put it. I have gained so much knowledge about the real world from my musical journey that I never hesitate to tell anyone that I play the guitar. I am privileged to start at such a young age when other children in my block were going for really unnecessary hobby classes that were forced by their parents. At my time, schools had decided that students should be multi-talented and they should learn a hobby or two. But that time I was fortunate to start what I liked that too without even any pressure from my parents. While other children used to reluctantly go to their hobby class I used to feel the pride that I am at least learning what I truly like.

Today because of my early beginnings and taking up the courage to start learning, I can proudly admit that I have been playing for 13 years which is more than a decade of my time with the strings. All I can say is that now I am a much-changed person in terms of stage fear, confidence, attitude, and overall personality. Now anywhere I go I get recognized and applauded for my music. It gives me immense joy to hear people praising me, telling me they liked how I sang and played. It has become something of memory in people’s minds that now they are associating my name with my talent.

These 13 years have made me the person I am today. Today I have learned that I have no such thing called stage fear and I have immense confidence in myself during college presentations, public speaking, content writing, etc. I can use my confidence in the right way and it gives me the courage to speak for myself. It has made me think of myself in a very different way and even today when I think of myself as to how I was and how I am today. I am no longer the shy child who used to never admit knowing to play the guitar whereas in every place where I get an opportunity to show my talent be it open mics, competitions, and other events I am the first person taking the initiative of putting myself first.

In closing remarks I can only say that I do not fear the world, I invite it to hear me speak, hear me play. I believe in myself more than ever and this has been a major boost in my personal and career growth. I am truly grateful for everyone who was with me on this journey.

-Tanishq Borkar

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