Myths about physical fitness in youth

Everyone knows that the new generation people focused on their physical fitness, but my question is are they doing it properly? I think it’s a big NO. Because everybody wants fit but no one is ready to hard work, no one has the patients to become fit. Now we are living in a fast digital world, everything is so easy to understand and achieve. That is the biggest reason why people have myths about fitness,

This blog is all about my personnel experience and my learning. Before the lockdown, I was around 95 kg. Before that every day I was doing some workouts for reducing my weight but it didn’t work, because I was doing so many mistakes. Online is one of the biggest mistakes, if we want to know anything we will get that through google, social media, etc. but can we trust them? It’s again NO.  Because in social media if you type physical fitness there are so many videos are there. But we don’t know they all trainers are certified or not.  

The second lockdown started at that time I realized that being fatty will decrease your confidence. Then I decided to do something to reduce my weight, as usual, I also googled it, also searched on YouTube and I found so many videos like drink this water you can reduce around 5kg in a month, do this you can get abs, follow this diet you will become like this and that. To be honest, I also believed in all this, I didn’t see any kind of change in my mind, around 1 month I continually did whatever I saw in the videos and whatever was written on google. I didn’t see any kind of change then I realized that these people all are just believing that drinking some mixed liquid that will help to reduce your weight. Then that’s the biggest myth in the physical fitness world.

New generation people want fitness but they are not ready to work for that, we are living in a digital world so they also need a very fast change in their physic. They all believe that drinking some liquid water, doing 5 hours gym doesn’t make you fit, it will change your shape but it will not satisfy your need. Some people consume steroids and some capsules also for their fitness just because some person claimed themselves as a trainer. In the beginning time, everyone feels like they are achieving what they want, but actually, they didn’t know what is going to happen with their physique.In my personal experience, I was also fooled by these physical-related YouTube videos then I also faced so many problems with my physique it took me so much time to realize between body fat and body weight. If you want to get a good physique then you need to work on your diet and some weight training because there is a rule-related physique that 30% exercise and 70 % diet works always. 


-Sooraj T

2 thoughts on “Myths about physical fitness in youth

  1. Very nice blog!
    After reading this blog i felt that I’ve gone through this in my covid time also
    This blog is helping readers find balance in their lives by fitting in exercise, rather than trying to achieve perfection,


  2. So firstly, I will say you just talk about what I feel and what I go through with these myths you talked about that drinks if you take then you can reduce the weights frankly speaking I have done that I had taken that drinks as you said nothi8ng happened in today’s era all want to reduce weight in just 1 day they don’t have patience and consistency to reduce or if they don’t take a drink they take asteroids to reduce belly fat or want a good shape in just 1 month.
    Many of us in our age group want good body shape but deprived of doing exercise they want supplements they apply shortcut methods to reduce weight.
    In this lockdown, I have seen people contacting online trainers and giving so much of the amount to them and at last, they don’t find anything because I am also in fitness, I can say that many people take that hell diet and after that, they just cry.
    Generally, people believe that ok you take this drink it will reduce weight they don’t want to work for that they take a shortcut road but your journey is fascinating and I loved your blog.


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