Need of Patience

When we talk about patience, we generally think that it is the quality of being stable, calm, and not get angry when the situation is not favorable or difficult for that particular time or longer period. But I think patience is more than that, It is not just a bookish definition but it is the way of living life, it is the way of avoiding any unwanted conflicts, it is the way by which we can make our lives easy because of peace in mind.

We all face problems in our day-to-day life, personal life, and professional life. Sometimes we react to situations aggressively and sometimes we behave more calmly, but the thing is do we have the patience to survive the adverse conditions/situations in our life. I think most people don’t have this quality. The whole world is suffering from many problems. When we talk about problems they can be a geographical specific or common problem for all people around the globe. A common problem we are facing in the current situation is terrorism, black marketing, drugs addiction, human trafficking but apart from that the whole world is suffering from a “LACK OF PATIENCE”. Due to this lack of patience, the whole world suffers a lot. Most people find themselves in conflict because of ego clashes, high temperament but the most important thing for rising conflict is again lack of patience. When one person started the heated conversation the other person may show his patience but up to a limit and after the limit is crossed when he also started lacking in patience he can reply first-person angrily and here is the start of the conflict.

Now, the urge to suppress other person and become the winner of argument, both will try their level best by shouting in loud voice or by any other means. In this procedure, they may say those things which can hurt another person’s sentiments or ego which will raise the conflict further and there is a chance of physical fight as well. This situation of a physical fight can easily be avoided if one of the two persons showed patience and stopped arguing when he saw that the other person is not enjoying this conversation. After some time another person will also realize his mistake and stopped whatever they are arguing for. Patience always plays a vital role in resolving conflicts. It is also a key to success because when you get mental peace your capacity to work is also increased.

We need to learn patience from women. Women face many troubles in life as compared to men. She faces work pressure (if she’s a working woman), societal pressure, family pressure, and many more. She has to take care of all the work at home and all the family members as well. She needs to do day-to-day work like bringing vegetables, cook food, cleanliness, washing clothes, and many other things. We can see the amount of work she needs to do on daily basis. What if she doesn’t have patience and refuses to do work? Everyone’s life will be disturbed and no one can concentrate on his or her work. The efficiency of all the members will go down and which will ultimately result in loss of health which includes mental and physical health and economic loss. Even when a woman lost her patience, she came back to normalcy quickly because she know that the family is depends on her. So, the high-level patience of women is playing a vital role in maintaining peace in the home.

Patience is need of the hour. This is one of the important things which can improve relations and bring peace and harmony to society. Patience can also help in bringing down the crime rate which will help further in making society; city, state, and nation feel safer to live. When we say that we need patience in people around the globe it doesn’t mean we need to make everyone full of patience because if only 50% of people became high in patience it means 1 out of 2 people is good in patience and the conflict will not arise. Patience can make things a lot easier and that is why we need to show it in dealing with our day-to-day life problems.

-Abhishek Goyal

3 thoughts on “Need of Patience

  1. Patience is definetly a virtue, and very few seem to have been blessed with it in this day and age. Above that we also need to have a Positive outlook on life.
    Early success is a scam it takes time those who don’t give up will reach the end of the road.
    It’s good to have a little more patience than the rest but the truth is not everyone deserves that patience
    Thanks dude it helped me.


  2. I completely agree with this, because in today’s life patience is a needed thing. Patience reflects your personality, as it is the way of living. Aggression is not the solution for every situation. This blog tells everything about patience.


  3. I relate to this blog on many levels. There have been many times in my life when I was in the middle of a situation and I did something or used some words that ill be regretting for the rest of my life. and I realize at that moment, if I had a little more patience it would have saved many relationships or friendships. In this fast-moving world what we require is to imbibe a little more patience in ourselves and the best part is one person showing patience in an argument can save both people from the guilt that they will face later on.
    Also society expects a different level of patience from women and because the entire family depends on us. sometimes we suppress our feelings so that others don’t get affected by the same. But this becomes too hard for the women also. so we shouldn’t always expect her to be the patient one and can rather allow her to express her anger rather than bottling it up.


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