One step that changed my life

I am preparing for my cat exams but something wrong happens in that duration. I completely broke down and even didn’t prepare for my exams and didn’t appear for the exams. As I completed my graduation so what the next step, I can apply to small colleges and wait for one year. But in that duration, I never stop and moving ahead in my life I decided to gain some experience in the field of hr. As I am going through my job, I decided to appear again for the MAT exam and what happened I scored 93%. Completely shocking for me!
Then I have to make another decision. Seriously life is full of making decisions. In my unconscious mind, it is pretty much clear that I want to go to Jaipuria Institute of Management. But while applying for admission I have some doubts in my mind that I am investing a huge amount of money as I am capable of doing such a big course. Nevertheless, I applied for admission to Jaipuria Institute of Management.
After some days, I got a call from the Jaipuria Institute of Management that you have to come for an interview and the GD process. I decided to appear for an interview and give my 100%.
The day comes when I enter my college for the first time as I have to appear for an interview. I reached the college through my Scotty Carrying a lot of fear. I went directly to the auditorium where a lot of students are sitting and they are asking for our Aadhar card and other documents. Then one of our sirs calls everyone to visit our whole campus. I felt so happy that my dream had come true. The college structure and rooms many other things are so mesmerizing that made my heart felt so happy. Then they send one student at a time for the interview.
Then they called me and said it’s your turn. I am scared that I am going in front of a lion but then I went. I saw one mam and sir is sitting and conducting interviews. They start asking me the questions of GK. I felt what is going on here because I can’t able to answer any questions. Then sir told me by referring to “Beta” you have to read newspapers. If you want to become successful you have to read the newspaper. I thought in my mind sir what you said? This is the only thing I dislike most. Then I again start thinking MBA is right for me or not. I was done with my interview and straight went to the cafeteria to eat Maggi. Try to understand guys, food lovers. Then I am going on campus here and there and find a lot of beautiful things I found swans, a pleasant environment, my classrooms, and especially I noticed AC in classrooms. I thought what a nice place where we can sleep. But at last, I came to my home and waiting for the confirmation that I am selected or rejected.
After someday I got a confirmation call from Jaipuria institute of management that you are selected but you can amaze I am not happy. I have so many doubts in my mind that I will join the MBA or not. But here one of my friends plays an important role he told Sejal you are good for nothing. If the college providing you this opportunity grab it. He made my mind you can do it. After he insists on me a lot and from my heart, I also decided to take admission. The main reason for that I had already given the money for admission. Try to understand as MBA students we have to think about money. So, I Took admission and deposit my fees.
My bad luck! I joined college for coming to college and learning things but one person doesn’t want we went to college. The name of that person is corona. Due to corona, we have to start our journey from online mode. Yes, it is upset for everyone but from online mode as well I start my journey with Saraswathi Vandana, and then for 15 days we are going through guest lectures. Sometimes I found it very interesting sometimes I found little interesting. But as MBA students we are giving fees so we have to attend all the lectures by heart. Then there are foundation classes for the students like us who don’t know anything about subjects to give some glimpses of the subject. Then I again thought as I am capable or not. But I pay the fees now no other option is available.
But my life changes and my thought process when colleges reopen and I can able to know about the teachers and students. I only expressed in one word wow. I made so many friends and try to interact with everyone. I never found this pleasant scene anywhere and participating in dance, music, and poetry that I had never done before. My life is going on and I know this 2 yrs. will be memorable for me. Many things are coming on the way and I want to tell all viewers don’t stop in your life. Move forward in the worst conditions as well. Sunshine is waiting for everyone. So, guys, you are wondering what is the turning point in my life.
The turning point in my life when colleges reopen!
Here are some glimpses of my Jaipuria Journey

-Sejal Tulsiyan

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