Public Schools: The equalizers of our society

Public schools are the place where the next generations of leaders are getting educated and where the cultural exchange will take place. In India, they are run by government bodies and they do not charge any fees from students for their admission. They have to follow the curriculum directed to them by the district and they have no right to deny admission of any student within the residential zone. They also provide free afternoon meals to their students. Students learning over there don’t just learn academics they also learn so many life-evolving lessons that can’t be learned in other schools. They are taught about the importance of life and the stages they have to deal with. A public school is a place where privileged parents can afford the education for their children which will help them to lead their life in a better way. Public school also serves as a polling station for the government.

Teachers acknowledge children about the streams that they can select for their future, how they could be successful in their life. Their main objectives include encouraging the children in reading and writing, preparing them for competitive exams, providing them with knowledge and attitude. Public schools follow CBSE and ISCE curriculum created by the government. The classes are jam-packed with the number of students. Teachers of public schools are well educated to tackle the students effectively. They are paid more as compared to private schools and they are also provided with health insurance and retirement benefits.

Along with the above-mentioned facilities, there are certain factors where public schools lack behind like the quality of education they deliver as teachers there are not able to pay one to one attention to the children because there is no proper room to accommodate as due to the lack of space and poor infrastructure. They also do not teach foreign or third languages to the students. Extra facilities like theatre rooms, libraries, labs are also not provided to students due to which they might be curious to learn more if these facilities are provided to them. There is not any particular admission criterion for getting enrolled in public schools, the only thing which is considered during admission in any public school is the geographical location of the school where the students reside so that it is convenient for them to travel and attend school feasibly.

So it takes very small efforts to make it a better place for bringing out better in students. It doesn’t only need financial resources to make it a better place for their learning, I realized a few days back when we visited similar schools in our locality that how they are been teaching is a little old and traditional and it’s very less effective. To make it effective for students to understand it in a better way we need to amend the policies, also the teachers and other staff members of the school, I mentioned another staff member because they also play a very important role in influencing the behavior and attitude for the potential future leaders. They need to be trained in a manner that the teaching should not only be limited to the bookish knowledge because it is already acknowledged that it is very important to make them learn about the life, the way of living, the way to behave in organizational places, the other general ways, and etiquettes to present themselves at such other places.

Public school is where good education is provided to the students irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, economic condition, and no tuition fee is charged from them. In an economically backward country like India, a public school plays a vital role in the development of children for their bright future ahead. The existence of these public schools in our education system will make these students ready to become tomorrow’s leaders and also will help in the growth of a classless society.

-Aakshi Ahuja

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