If You Want To Enjoy The Mood, Then Go For Healthy Food

You have always heard from everyone that going organic is always way ahead. Majority of food available in the market are filled with chemicals and pesticide, which consumes a lot of harmful effects that badly affect your body like cancer, etc. now this is the time to start paying attention what you are filling your grocery carts with how and how to create a change of yourself, your family and most importantly your environment. Organic foods are filled with natural flavor, color, and texture. So it’s good for your health to make food with natural ingredients.

Another good habit to remain healthy and sustainable, then get start cooking your meals. You heard from everyone that healthy food can’t be tasty. But this is just a misconception, healthy foods are tastier if you make them with proper flavor. As you always see your grandparents, they are very fit at the age of 70 to 80. Do you know the secret of their health, I’m telling you one of my granny’s secrets that she always cooks food with natural fiber gas, where they make food with proper flavor? They eat shudh ghee for their good health, helps them to grow brain cells, increasing stamina, keeps you updated with the body, and many more. So there is a lot of benefits of eating healthy foods

Everyone likes fast food, in this pasta is one of the recipes that everyone wants to eat. From children to aged people but pasta is not healthy. To eat pasta with a healthy one, I want to share a recipe for eating pasta with having good taste and your health is also guaranteed. Use organic tomatoes for your red sauce pasta, make pasta with pure wheat instead of using wheat flour because wheat flour is not good for health. As you eat sometimes in a week or a month but on day to day basis, it is not good. Use the masala for grilling, it makes good taste. So in this recipe food looks good, tastes good, health good. Motive achieve.

You always heard from everyone that healthy food is good but it can’t be tasty. If you want tasty food then go for a snack, junk food. But in this blog, I have shared some interesting facts about a healthy recipe where taste is considered and your health too. As we here in today era of the world, everyone facing problems of headache, eyes pain, etc. so our next recipe by my dear grandmother, as I always eat in my childhood which helps me for my eyes and also for my brain. As we called them “khakis”, one of the amazing ladoo I ate. it is so healthy but it tastes a little bitter, to improve its taste add some Jaggery into it to make little sweet. Jaggery makes your blood clean and it is healthy as compared to sugar. So go for it people, try this recipe and share it with everyone to make everyone healthy.

Another problem I face in my life is that nowadays everyone is so fond of coffee. They drink coffee twice or thrice a day. But they don’t know how badly affects their body. If you are fond of coffee, then be aware! I give you little advice about coffee that how can we make it healthy. Use coffee with tea to make a mixture of it, then add rock candy into it to make it a little sweet. From this method your coffee is ready. I cannot say that this coffee is so healthy, but it compares to the first one then it is healthy. You can try it with this to make a coffee anytime if you are that much fond of it. So what are you waiting for, go and try this fantastic one and give your advice on what makes you healthy? 

As we always go to Jim, doing exercise, workout, diet, etc. but can we think we also look for our food which suits the particular thing. Here we go for some food which is used in all those types of things. First let’s talk about some interesting facts, if you join Jim in the morning then go for any type of juice and not eat food after 2 hours because it’s necessary and if you go for a diet then go for a heavy thing I know my reader’s shock but this is the truth go for the food but here is a twist, you can only eat once in a day. I cannot assure you from doing this you surely lose some but I can assure you one thing be happy, no worry, and eat good food and do not act angry. This is the mantra I use in my life. Also always drink lukewarm water because it is so good for your health as it helps you to lose weight, acne clearance. Also, you drink it after wake up from bed then do another thing. You can add honey or lemon to lukewarm water as per your choice. After drinking you can add sprouts, fruits, light things to your breakfast. Do not eat a heavy breakfast because this is also the reason for your weight and do things what you like…. 

-Ayushi Biyani

4 thoughts on “If You Want To Enjoy The Mood, Then Go For Healthy Food

  1. Indeed a nice blog explaining the importance of healthy food and exercise. the way the blog explains coffee and shares the valuable experience is very helpful in nature. the blog successfully explains how for a good mood we have to eat healthy food. after reading the blog I can clearly say that it is informative and made me realize how exercise and eating healthy can change anyone’s life.


  2. Living a healthier life surely seem like a lot : the nutrition, the exercise and the inner happiness.
    As much as we want to make healthy food choices, it is hard to stick with a proper balanced diet when the comfort and ease of options are all around—all the time. For motivation’s sake, blog like these clearly help us by making us understand about the information about diet and exercise.
    Author focus majorly about how important proper diet and exercise are in overall mental health.


  3. Nicely written blog
    As it is very informative to being healthy in this era of fast food. as I can also say that when diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need. The best part of this blog is that in present times no one use this type of tips (which are told by our grandparents) she used it so well. Also she explained it very well about coffee beans and tea leaves which is very effective and I never knew and will use it surely in near future.


  4. A home-cooked meal is what many of us would like to have waiting for us when we get home from school or work. Gained a great knowledge about grains of posh. Even I also face head ache problems. I’ll definitely gonna try this.
    Nowadays I don’t know why people don’t prefer to eat ghee whereas according to me it is very effective for our health and even the gym trainers denies to eat ghee. It is a natural food with a long history of medicinal and culinary uses and you have told us about great knowledge of ghee which I like the most in this blog.


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