Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship among women is a new phenomenon as it not only boosts economic growth but many other desirable outcomes as the enterprises are handled by women. Women entrepreneurs in India have come a long way. India is a land of enterprises where 70% population is self-employed and some of the places have 80%. Women entrepreneurship was very uncommon till the first half of the eighties but later gained its importance. Gradually many women entrepreneurs came into existence and are still increasing. There are lots and lots of women entrepreneurs we see in the business market, but the situation was not always the same as this, or we can say that in earlier times people didn’t even think of women’s employment. The men always thought that women are only there to work for them as housewives but now the circumstances and situations are changing, and women are coming with new ideas and business models and are becoming more successful entrepreneurs than men in the business world.

Nowadays girls are not just only doing jobs in different fields but they are becoming owners or business tycoons of different business groups for example- CHITRA GURNANI DAGA Co-founder, Thrill philia,   FALGUNI NAYAR CEO, Nykaa, Vandana Luthra, The founder of VLCC

But if we look upon the demographics, we come to know that women contribute more than 45% of the population, and with having that much share if we see their contribution in businesses then its quite comparatively low, therefore here we get to know that the thing we were talking about in the above paras is good to read, but this only a small number. If we want the women entrepreneurs or the women’s share in businesses to increase then we would have to indulge and encourage more and more ladies to set up their business and assure them to help them and support them. The govt. is also playing its part in promoting women’s entrepreneurship by launching some financial schemes or by providing them monetary support like providing them free lands to set up their factories or to provide them loans on lower interest rates. Government should consider women for all the development programs better education facilities and schemes. Proper training programs should be implemented on management skills to be provided to the women community. So, these are the measures taken. The scope of women’s entrepreneurship has widened manifold in recent times. Women in today’s world are playing a central role in all sectors of businesses. Women have shown their talents in politics, administration, technical and technological, social and education services. In the past women were already know for house chores but now in recent times the women are doing extremely well in entrepreneurial sectors, and they have expanded their male counterparts. They have proved that they are no less than men inefficiency and hard work. Therefore, at last, if we conclude, then women entrepreneurship has come a long way, but it must go a longer way than this and especially in India.

-Ishika Khandelwal

3 thoughts on “Women Entrepreneurs

  1. Womens are born with management skills from managing a home to managing in the corporate world. I agree with this, women entrepreneurship is going to gain a importance gradually. Now we can see lots of women entrepreneurs. And i think it is necessary, it makes majority of population independent. It also contributes in economic growth. Women become more involved in the business and this has empowered the whole women community.


  2. First of all, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the author for bringing out this much needed issue. Even though the population of women have been increasing gradually over past years, and the government is too supporting the women entrepreneurship, yet the percentage of women entrepreneurs haven’t been growing at the similar rates. The reasons are several, but mostly I believe is the less risk taking capacity of women, since they are taught from childhood that they are meant to be either housewives or a working women with household responsibilities. But, quoting the example of Falguni nayar, who started her entrepreneur journey in early 50s, the mentality is surely taking a turn. But, the question again arises, is it for all of just a few? Perhaps, the latter one. Still, we are seeing a slow, but increase in women entrepreneurs and hopefully, the numbers would keep rising.


  3. I love the way you gave recognition to great women entrepreneurs especially those who do well in business.

    Maybe it’s natural for women to be successful and yet never hesitate to share knowledge and expertise for free. I salute everyone who made it to this amazing list mentioned in this blog.
    I think this blog is very effective and useful for women entrepreneurs, even if they are new in this field. This article brought to us was so important. Thank you for sharing it.


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