Waxing is truly one of the most effective ways of hair removal. But there are so many treatments available permanently or temporarily nowadays, but why only waxing is prominent among them?? I tell you why….it is because waxing is a quite cheaper way for hair removal as compared to the other methods which is one of the most important factors which is considered.

Waxing for women is like a necessity these days because they think that if they are not waxed or shaved and if they sleeveless clothes or short dresses it will be very much embarrassing for them and they might be insulted also, that don’t you have any fashion sense? Or don’t  you have so much common sense that if you are wearing something short or sleeveless then you need to wax and it’s quite understandable

I would just say doesn’t matter if someone is judging you or saying something regarding these things because in the end it’s your choice and your skin do whatever you feel right and if you are feeling good after getting waxed then definitely keep doing it and admire your skin and glow on it.

Waxing is quite an easy process for hair I think because it’s affordable, available anywhere, harmless, skin also gets D-TAN. If you ask me what is more prominent for me right now then definitely I will go with waxing only. I would like to share my experience so that it becomes to understand what I want to say and what I’m trying to explain. when I started to get my skin waxed a few years back I was so much worried and nervous because it was for the first time, I went there I sat and I asked the beautician to wax my skin then she said ok have a seat and then that HOT…HOT… wax was coming near me on a knife and my palms were sweating and when she just pulled the strip it was quite painful but when I saw my skin it was looking so smooth and tan free and then I realized that this not that bad like what I have thought till now and then years passed on and it became very prominent for me and other girls also. It became so prominent because there are several factors like easy to use, harmless for skin, affordable, can be available anywhere and in our budget, the number of varieties is also available in the same like according to weather we use different, according to the skin we use different and according to the budget we use different and one of the most important factor is the ACCEPTANCE In India our society is still backward and they judge everyone and because these things it has become very important for every girl to get waxed and shaved because we know that if we going to do so then people of our society will judge us that she doesn’t have any fashion and common sense at all, everybody knows that to wear short dresses in India a girl should be waxed. But not only others we even get waxed for self-satisfaction because after waxing our skin feels so much better so smooth…..and so soft that it feels so amazing after touching it, not only this waxing also makes feels hygienic and clean. It feels so good after getting waxed that we want to get it again and again if I talk about myself then this is true that as soon as my hair growth starts I feel like I should go to the salon again and get my skin waxed again. Time has come when even boys are also getting waxed maybe not for wearing something short but yes to go in a fashion walk or gym they prefer to get waxed because even for them it has become embarrassing to go in public with so much hair growth.

So it is not important for the judgment point of view but yes for fashion it has become quite important for everyone especially for girls to get their skin waxed and toned and it looks fascinating to us and others also because after waxing skin glows far better as compared to the skin with hair growth.

Ishita Khandelwal


  1. Somewhere i agree with ishita’s blog and her content when i read her blog i realized that for girls in india waxing is considerd very important or prominent because people in our society consider this is a part of fashion and to wear short dresses and outfits they need to wax and shave their legs. our society is not acceptable for this that if she is comfortable to be open in front of everyone with hair then we are no-one to comment on her and even waxing is has many benefits also for skincare it’s very hygenic


  2. I believe there is no judgement passed whether a girl is wearing short dresses with unwaxed legs or any boy going to gym with hairy legs or people in fashion, its all about our view and thoughts what we like or what we don’t, Only that creates a judgement. Ishita as you mentioned even you don’t like when your hair regrow and you want to visit Salon as soon as possible, so would you like another girl or boy hands having so much of hair, obviously not! so did that make a judgement?
    Its all about our views, what we like, we expect from others too.


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