Be You, Bravely!!

Today is the day, “Be yourself because do you know, people do mind if you don’t matter to them. But it’s the universal truth that if you matter to someone they don’t mind and love you the way you are!!” So from today, it’s time to stop to keep up with those around you and find who you are. But do you know if we shy away from being our self we will not find that source of light which we long for and that is belongingness and acceptance?

 We all meant for so much more!

So let’s see about how to bravely be you in a sea of sane.

 Godsend us the most amazing and authentic people, do you know who they are?

 For me, The little child is the most confident one as they are not shy in wearing some sort of mismatched outfit, the way they dance with full heart in public and the best quality is they don’t even worry about by trying to fit in, they belong to be truly authentic by being themselves. 

Children see life as a play, there will be no replay, no rewind, so they just enjoy life as it comes.

But unfortunately at some point along the way, an unfortunate part of our life, we share what was inside us, out loud with someone but their response wasn’t what you expect from them, they told you bluntly that it was weird and they said it like it was a such a bad thing, they just brushed it call it strange, impractical and very foolish.

 And you know what’s the crazy part, they were right, it was weird and strange it was that way on purpose.

I am sure, there is an idealistic vision that robs us of fulfillment, happiness, and acceptance but there is also an imagination that creates change especially when it comes to how we view ourselves and treat each one of us as human beings, we need that source that “weirdness” to keep the world going and evolving, and be able to help solve its problems and specifically to change your heart &mind.

So let’s look at the pros (I can bet there are no cons) of embracing your weird:

  • Feeling real and genuine, let’s just don’t hide anymore and stop worrying what other people think of you if you show them who you are and you’ll know for better or worse but at least you’ll know it, it feels free when you just are your natural self.

            Those I’ve met who are good at this who have learned to embrace more of who they are and just be themselves in any situation it’s just like, I feel that they possess an extra factor and a dose of extra joy about them and it’s so beautiful feeling of they liking who they are and is so in sync with who they present themselves to be and most amazing part being people are drawn to them because they are so truly genuine and honest and real and I find this beautiful.

  • True connection & friendships, doesn’t let you question “Do they still like me or not if I am myself?” This query only arises when you are hiding who you are. But if you are truly yourself and in sync also be genuine before them then you will know that your loved ones and friends truly like you, for being you. Being 100% true & genuine with people builds trust and strong connection. 

      We should always be together in our weirdness because it will unbelievably bring people out of their isolation into belongingness, you know why? Because this weirdness or let’s just call it uniqueness acts like a magnetic force and create a true connection 

  • Enjoy life more fully: You know when we embrace who we are, then we are free to like what we like and enjoy, only then we will let our self feel and express the fullness of our emotions, there is no holding back but rather allowing our self to talk about them and enjoy to the fullest which is beyond any measures.
  • Stand out and succeed: Your Unique creativity and your perspective help you to stand out and let you do your best from the competition with different people in the world be it business, be it blogs, or be any profession and to be heard and to catch people’s attention, you have to be different so just embrace your uniqueness.
  •  Reach your full potential: Use your gifted abilities and qualities, don’t hold yourself back, and don’t try to be someone else “Always be an original version of yourself and not the first copy of someone else” When you truly grow acceptance of how unique you are then you can achieve anything in your life.

 So as you see, I believe that we are fully ourselves even if it means we did not fit in with other people because when we truly are not ourselves, It’s impossible for us to be happy and fulfilled. So we must be always and always fully be our self, So be true to you! You are Unique in every way possible.

Let’s conclude by Simple yet Powerful message: Be your 100% Authentic self and by doing so you will identify the people that you want in your life, people that encouraged you to be yourself, to love yourself, and to grow, those are the people that you want in your inner circle and those who truly adore you they’re going to show themselves in your life because those are the people encouraging you, to be yourself and to grow and become a better version of yourself.

And do you know if you do this, that means you love yourself enough to Be you, Bravely!

Anee Asrani


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