Hope of a Sustainable Future

The year 2020 shows human beings, that how much nature is powerful. Covid-19 gives human beings enough time to think about how much they are misusing natural resources. The level of pollution in many of our cities is also a big concern. It is now several decades that the concerns on the environment, especially on climate, have been around us. And, the Global community is also concerned about the situation. In recent times the Global Community has taken several steps and to address the issue of Sustainable development. A few steps are as Unites nation Sustainable Development Goals, The Paris Conference of Parties, The Kyoto Protocol.

Sustainability can’t be achieved without the help of every individual. We need to be embedded in every step and at every step of our life, we take. Recycling waste can be one of the most important steps to get a sustainable future. All nations will need to set ambitious goals on environment, climate, and sustainability and seek to overachieve them.

One of the most prominent reasons for this unsustainable development is Population growth. The population in the last 100 years has grown about four times. In 1920 it was 1.86 billion and in 2020 it was 7.8 billion. The population growth is also increasing demand which resulted in growth in industrial gases, plastic waste, and greenhouse gases. Due to this the forest area is also decreasing, which resulted in a huge decline in the animal population. 

The goal of achieving a sustainable future is not going to be achieved very easily. It needs to be practiced on a daily basis. Sustainability needs to be practiced on every step. For achieving a sustainable future it needs a lot of awareness in the general population. We must focus on Recycling waste. All the countries need to come together and work according to goals decided in various conferences held by United Nation. Some countries are already doing well in this direction. Countries like Finland, Uruguay, Sweden, Canada, China, Switzerland have already set a target for zero carbon emission in their countries. But, we need it to be done with even more pace. 

The transition process to sustainable development includes so many things like technology, capital, attitude, infrastructure and, the personal habits of humans. Human beings are the most complex creature in this universe if they decided to make any change then they can do it and, we have seen it during the covid-19 time.

Every individual needs to do their part of the job for achieving a sustainable future because this can be achieved only if every individual started doing it on their own. I personally love to do plantations and visit places which are more close to nature. I also work with NGO called “Paula”. This NGO is dedicated to Environment. This NGO gives me more opportunities to get closer to the environment. While working For Environment, It Gives you a different satisfaction that you have done something for the future generation. For a sustainable future, we need to develop technology and infrastructure for renewable energy, like working solar energy and focusing more on Electric cars.

– Aditya Tiwari

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