RAJASTHAN: Padharo Mhare Desh

Rajasthan, also known as the Land of Kings is the most beautiful state developed with a rich architectural and cultural heritage. Its highlights include Indus Valley Civilization, temples, forts, and fortresses in every city. The history of Rajasthan includes rulers, Maharans and Nawabs, who ruled the state. They left behind their own builded forts as the carbon footprints of their legacy. 

Along with this Rajasthan is also considered to be the most popular tourist destination. It has lots of places to visit by the tourists like CHITTORGARH FORT, HAWA MAHAL etc. Every city of Rajasthan has its own different culture. Cities that are located on the top of Rajasthan like Sri Ganganagar, Hanumangarh etc has their own uniqueness in the range of food and variety of clothes. And when we visit the cities that are located at the bottom of the Rajasthan, we meet different kinds of people who have their own different languages and style. 

Rajasthan is also considered the hub of the jewelry industry and gems. It provides you with a unique design and style of jewelry whether it’s in gold, silver, Mena, etc. Like Johari Bazaar in Jaipur is a place for jewelry lovers, it not only provides you with basic gold and silver jewelry; it also offers you a variety of hand-cut precious stones and gems. 

Rajasthan was one of the first places in India to see miniature paintings, often known as Mughal art. Rajasthani painters colored these paintings, which depict the royal life of the Mughals. Like there is the Hathi Pol Bazaar in Udaipur, where you can get all types of miniature and ancient paintings. 

When we talk about art and architecture, the pottery of Rajasthan comes on top. Many people are fond of the pottery of Rajasthan and use them to enhance their rooms. The beauty of these potteries is reflected by the type of material used in making them like sodium sulfate, Multani mitti, etc.

Dolls and Toys of Rajasthan which are crafted from wood and stones are not just only meant for children to play but also used for decoration while celebrating rituals and festivals. The puppets of Rajasthan also known as KATHPUTLI are considered to be the heart of Rajasthan’s handicraft. We also get to see the puppet show at different events in Rajasthan.  Udaipur is the place from where we can get the variety of different kinds of puppets.

Rajasthan is also called KING OF SPICES as it is considered to be a famous market from where one can buy aromatic spices. Spices like Haldi (turmeric), Dhaniya (coriander seeds), etc has pure essence in them. Ghanta Ghar in Jodhpur is a place from where you can get a variety of these spices in their pure natural form.

It is also famous for offering a variety of sweets. Every city of Rajasthan will offer you a lot of different kinds of sweets. They are made up of pure ghee, milk and sugar. Taking an example of Jaipur, here Rawat Misthan Bhandar is a place where one can get different types of sweets.

Textiles and fabrics of Rajasthan that comprise of Shikari, Lahariya etc are also very famous to be worn by ladies on different occasions and festivals. As it enhances your beauty and also gives you a charm of looking some kind of different from others. On festivals like Teej and Gangaur, women wear these types of clothes to look more ethnic.

 It has also been the venue of various arts as well as various dances; hence it is called Rangeela Rajasthan. The movement of the organs with joy and enthusiasm by the simple-hearted villagers is called ‘Desi Nritya’. In Rajasthan’s folk dance, there is no strict adherence to rhythm, rhythm, etc. like a classical dance. Folk dances composed by common people give a simple depiction of human life. On occasions like folk festivals, festivals, Teej-festivals, fairs, and folk rituals, the tradition of folk dance has been going on for centuries according to the traditions of colorful costumes and specific places.



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