Friendship of Togetherness

A trip, every student is waiting for. I am sure, every one of us wishes to go on a trip with our friends, especially when we are near the completion of our schooling or graduation and want to celebrate the “friendship of togetherness”.
Interestingly, all the planning to celebrate is usually be made before the exams get over. It shows the level of excitement that we have to celebrate our “friendship of togetherness”.
Because I graduated this year, I know the degree of excitement we had to celebrate and to celebrate we decided to go on a trip.

So, our journey to celebrate the friendship of togetherness starts with an amazing trip. I with my 4 friends had started planning for a trip a month before our examination gets over. We are so excited that we had made all the planning related to where we have to go and what we have to do, basically, a thrilling road map had been formed and we all were excited to go just after the completion of our final examination.

So, the place that we had finalized was the Watch Tower. Our plan was to leave at 5:00 A.M. in the morning. And I’m sure you know how beautiful the place is if you’ve ever been there. Then apart from this place, we decided to visit nearby places like Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort.

However, prior to all of this planning, we faced a threat that may obstruct our journey, i.e., COVID. As the time when we had made all this planning was in the month of June and had a plan to go for a trip either towards the end of July or in the 1st week of August. But as I said, the degree of excitement was too high that we couldn’t stop ourselves from planning our trip.

After all this waiting and planning. Finally, a day filled with full of excitement came and I with my friends was set to go. Even better, not only did our final examinations end, but our good results added to our excitement, and by the end of July, most of the activities had returned to normal, which is why we were all set to go.

So, on that day we took our vehicle and leave home sharp at 5:00 A.M. in the morning. We first gathered at a shared location so that we could travel together, and after a beautiful journey, we arrived at our destination by 5:45, where we saw a spectacular view of nature from the top, which we greatly enjoyed. We also took our lunch boxes with us and enjoyed eating in the midst of the mountains.

One of our friends enjoys taking photographs, so there we had taken various pictures and selfies, and of course, it was an unforgettable and memorable event that we will never forget. On the day even the weather was quite pleasant as the sky was covered with clouds and light rain had also added more enjoyment to our trip and our enjoyment is at its peak.

From there, we had a visit to Amer Fort which was close to us and we continue to explore the nearby places as the day passes. Till evening we had visited almost all the nearby places and from there, the priority for us was to go at someplace where we can have a portion of good food. As we enjoyed ourselves a lot the whole day so everyone was a little bit tired and hungry.

So, from there our new journey to satisfy our thirst and hunger starts. We left the place, again took our vehicle, and ready to go to a place where we can have a good meal. Then finally after a ride of a few kilometers, we reached a place (a restaurant) to satisfy our hunger. The meal was delicious, and especially when we were starving, the taste goes up to greater levels.
After a day filled with exciting adventures. Finally, we made the decision to leave and said our goodbyes to each other with the promise to reunite in the near future to schedule another trip.
It was an exciting adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life.

-Chirag Gupta

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