Brains are Awesome, I wish everybody had one-Dank Memer

Memers are increasing tremendously but the question arises Who are Memers? What did they do? Memers are the one who creates meme pages. It is internet slang for those who create humorous content and circulate it all over social media. 

In this attention-seeking world, Memes are becoming very popular. It has turned into an increasingly inescapable type of contemporary social communication that attracted a lot of research interest recently. Memes were first popularized during the 90s when short clips went viral among youth. From its unassuming beginnings to praising undeniable celebrations, memes have made considerable progress. They at this point don’t sit in secretive subforums and subreddits, however are showing in the standard through bunch talks, TV advertisements, and even shirts. People throughout the planet are reliant on that everyday release of dopamine in their minds through a giggle at their favorite meme page, as if memes are the espresso of 2021. Be that as it may, they are considerably more than simply a basic component of humor concerning everyday issues, as they are a reason for political articulation, cultural apprehension, brand promoting, and so on. They have a sense of immediacy that makes them appealing and viral. We believe that profound forces have shaped memes into artifacts that document history, society, and even customs. 

Memes are meta-narratives that reuse pop culture to promote themes of contemporary importance. They mirror real-world emotions on a virtual stage. While they are still employed as humorous devices, they have also evolved into a well-known communication tool for the dissemination of ideas, opinions, and information. 

One such example is Netflix’s Korean drama show “Squid Game” which has some fantastic viral meme moments that viewers can’t get enough of, thanks to its tremendous overnight popularity and record-breaking success. We can’t overlook how fantastic this show is, from the terrible emotional sequences to the real-life parallels. 

Meme’s comic quality is a key feature that aids their replication and serves as a coded language that appeals to specific generations. Memers are information suppliers and perception builders for all the internet’s conflicted souls. Most uniquely, they present a raw, unfiltered, authentic, and truthful description of our culture. Memes’ subversive potential is enhanced by the fact that they polarize internet users. 

Nowadays, Memes are increasingly putting down roots in a new domain: Advertising. 

One of the most significant features of a brand, in my opinion, is to locate itself in consumer culture to represent values and ideas that are relevant today. Memes provide a wealth of options for marketers to communicate with their youth population. As a result, some firms are increasingly using memes as their primary social media approach. The usage of memes gives the impression that the brand is firmly ingrained in youth culture. 

In this way, memes have evolved into a potent communication tool that may help shape as well as create perceptions. While the ability to be amusing is a key characteristic of memes, the power to influence should not be overlooked. Brands may take advantage of this by sharing fresh, relevant, and even amusing memes. After all, memes allow marketers to engage with the society in which their customers live. 

Memes, in simple terms, are amusing and attract a big audience. These pages are addictive because of the innovative ways they poke fun at aspects of life that we can all connect to tiny pet peeves or relationship jokes alike and their popularity will continue to soar as the internet takes over society. 

Overall, the sociocultural implications of greater reliance on technology have allowed memes to become a distinct aspect of American society and the internet economy, with lower attention spans, a lack of conversational confidence, and political gridlock. While the fact that millions of individuals now form their ideas based on a single web image is alarming, we can be confident that everything is accompanied by a healthy laugh. 

By: Ishika Khandelwal

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