How to help towards various global crises through our healing vibrations?

We are all surrounded by vibrations. This world works on telepathic communication that we do not even realize in our daily lives. We are connected subtly with every soul and every element of nature in-universe. It is just because we have become forgetful of our true spiritual identity, which our ancestors were very well aware of, now we have lost our much vital synchronization with nature that once existed vividly. As a result, our lifestyle nowadays has gone unreliable. Our natural understanding and kindness towards nature are diminishing with time. Look where we stand now, amidst numerous global crises such a Climate Change, Pollution, Depleted Ozone Layer, Melting Glaciers, Decreasing forests, Extinct fauna, and what not.

Don’t we all just need to stop and realize? Corona was one such warning by our mother nature to pause and think! But as the battery of every soul on this planet Earth is almost over, we overlooked signs of nature and refused to change our ways.

Hence, it’s a time that calls for a major fix. It is the time when Supreme Being Himself has to come down into our world to clean the corruption of our soul and show us the right path to walk on.

The first and the foremost teaching of Supreme Being is to realize self as soul. This realization eventually shifts the consciousness from body to soul. When one is in the soul-conscious stage, he/she is most sensitive to subtle vibrations around them. To get a deeper insight, let us see how this spiritual concept of vibrations works.

Suppose, you create a thought of love towards a new plant you just bought. Apart from watering it daily, you talk to it lovingly like a child. Various research has shown, when treated with love, plants tend to grow fast and healthy. This is the power of vibrations. Try the same experiment on water and you will notice how differently crystals of water will form in a sample of water treated with love versus treated with hatred and even Sadh guru himself says that everything around us carries vibrations so be conscious while handling anything and love everything around you.

Our every thought sends out a vibration in-universe. These vibrations whether Good or Bad come back to us after multiplying. Through this power of vibrations, we can heal various disturbances in nature. The five elements of nature (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Space) are receptive to our vibrations. These elements serve us in response to what we serve them on a vibrational level.

To begin with and to do your part towards the healing of our mother nature, here is the follow along with commentary one should meditate on.

Sit back in silence.

Visualize in the middle of your forehead, a soft point of light. This point of light is You, the soul that resides in this body. 

Now, create a thought. I am the master ocean of peace and I am not the body and I am not the mind.

Visualize the vibrations of peace are emerging from you and going out in the whole world. 

From ocean to mountains, from deserts to glaciers. Your vibrations of peace are reaching in all directions on Earth.

Continue spreading these vibrations of peace with utmost calm and confidence in your heart. Nature is reviving back. All the mess of human beings is getting cleaned up. 

Mother nature is smiling back at you. Feel the peace within and around you.

Come back.

The soft point of light in your forehead is twinkling like a star. 

Open your eyes.

By: Kashish Agarwal

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