MOM- The Ultimate Sacrifice

One of the most precious and essential connections is that between a mother and her kid. Mothers are there for us from the moment we are born, through childhood, and into adulthood, and they never stop providing. Even if it means sacrificing their desires and requirements. Most of us don’t realize the sacrifices our moms make for us when we become parents, thus in celebration of all mothers, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the hidden sacrifices they make for the offspring.

Staying up to date with us

Our mothers didn’t get much sleep, whether it was rocking us back to bed as newborns or soothing us when we were angry.

Keeping us nourished

A happy baby is a whole baby, according to moms. This might have meant preparing great dinners every night or even going out to eat once in a while when we were kids.

They are foregoing their quiet time

We may be rather unpredictable as toddlers, crying and screaming one instant and then being cheerful and fun the next. Mothers recognize that having children necessitates the sacrifice of their scarce and valuable quiet time.

Being present in good times and bad

Even when they aren’t feeling well, incredible mothers don’t get to have the day off from parenthood. After all, a family with children is a family with germs. Moms have colds and flu too, despite everyone’s best efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with all of us.

Even though it wasn’t their favorite TV show or movie, mothers would snuggle up with their kids to watch something that doesn’t like to see, even if it’s for the hundredth time. This is always done behind their backs to spend more time all together.

Allowing us to be who we are

We were frequently unstoppable balls of energy as youngsters, and our mothers would have to maintain up with us the entire time. Even though it cost them their insanity at times, they allowed us to be our creative and vibrant selves!

Mothers are truly the finest, whether it’s providing us joy, allowing us to crawl in their sheets, or placing us first.

When we talk about a mother’s sacrifice, I want to share a story, motherhood and mother’s love are the same for their children whether it be of an animal or humans. Talking about the octopus’s story, after laying a clutch of eggs, a female octopus stops eating and begins to rot; by the time the eggs develop, she has died. The female octopus abandoned their eggs, continued eating, and mated again without their eggs. As she knew after giving birth to a child she died. Still, she gives life to her eggs.

Recently I watch a series named Kota factory the part which I like to want to share with you. In this series when a child goes to Kota for his further story. Every day his mother called and asked one thing “Tera Mann Lag Gaya Na”, then the child asked his mother why he always asked the same question. She said she want to know if his child is happy or not. One day the mother calls his son but his son does not receive the call after that his son called her and said that he sleeps, listening to his voice she is so assuring that finally, his son sleeps comfortably. This is mother as she knows everything about you. I can relate this to my story. Here’s my story

Mom: where are you going

Child: I’m going for some errands, I’ll be late. Don’t wait for me. Bye

Mom: looking at the time, thinking about the child. Is she eating food or not. Waiting for her. Then she decided to call her when will she come? 

Child: busy at work, not receive calls

As on the other side, mom started worrying. After an hour, the child comes home.  mom asked why are you so late, she said stuck in some work. Then mom served food to her but she said she had already eat-in the restaurant. But is she knowing that her mom waiting for her to eat food together? This is the story of me and my mom where I forget about is my mom eats food or not. Also, I want to tell you about the relation between me and my mom.

There is no definition of a mom, but I can say that an “a mom who work 24 hours 365 days for family”. Mom is the pillar of the house where she handles all the problems, makes a family happy, eats food after her family eats.

When I was with my mom I never realize her importance, her love towards me. I always say that when I go for higher study I never miss you. But now I realized everything about her. The day 13th June comes when I shifted to the hostel. Days spent without mom, every single day I miss her, I miss the food, cried every day when will I meet my mom. After 2.5 months, finally, the day come when I meet my mom. That day I feel how much my mom love me. I never feel her presence when she was with me. But when I was alone and she was not with me, I feel her presence, love, values.


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