Before we move ahead let me ask all of you what do you see in this picture? For many people the answer is like, I see a Child crying amidst the rubble and the child is not having any sense of direction to go to. Few you blatantly say that this is a picture of a child doing nuisance, and creating more chaos amidst all the mess going in the background. But there was one person named Ravinder Singh Siddhu, who after seeing this picture took on the gigantic task of turning his own national-level NGO, into an International level NGO. The NGO we are talking about here is KHALSA AID INTERNATIONAL. When they turned into an international org., it got a net income of $1.91 MILLION or ₹.19,75,97,647.30 on charitable activities, also the org. has a total expenditure of $1.98 MILLION or ₹.20,47,54,968.00. Khalsa Aid was founded in 1999. It is a UK-based international nonprofit humanitarian relief charity. Khalsa Aid provides support around the globe to the victims of disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, drought, and war. The charity was founded by Ravinder Singh. The year 1999 marked the 300th birth anniversary of Khalsa, an opportunity for the community to reflect on the core teachings of their faith. Ravi Singh was inspired by one Sikhi ideology, especially “Sarbat da Bhalla” meaning “well-being for all” thus, recognizing the humanity in us all and reaching bent those in need, regardless of race, religion, borders.

The Org. now has started venturing into long-term programs such as LANGAR AID: In langar aid, volunteers provide food and water facility in slum and war areas. Khalsa aid also collaborates with other organizations, governments, and NGOs to effectively coordinate and supply vital nutrition in times of need. Also, there is a program called FOCUS PUNJAB: It is an ongoing project we have of improving the lives of people in Punjab who live in dire poverty and suffer hardship. Khalsa aid provides good education to the children. Khalsa aid also provides funding to increase the lifestyle of Punjab villages. Khalsa aid serves food, drinking water, essential goods, and installs tube wells in villages. Khalsa aid work for humanity only. Their Board of trustees Includes Mr. Jaswinder Singh Bahra, Mr. Amarjit Singh Bansa, Mr. Tarvinder Singh Gill, Mrs. Balvinder Kaur Sandhu (Company secretary). THE DIRECTOR OF KHALSA AID INDIA IS AMARPREET SINGH. They also have multiple ongoing short-term programs, Such as they did a splendid piece of work during this worldwide pandemic. They launched a crowdfunding drive on for the acquisition of Oxygen Concentrators. In that pandemic period that they had actively engaged in supporting Covid-19 patients with Oxygen Concentrators around the Delhi NCR region. Till now they had effectively allocated about 2000+ concentrators to the righteous people in urgent need at their doorstep. Their goal was to procure around 5000 concentrators so that other cities are assisted too, which they have successfully achieved. They achieved their goal because the Volunteers worked 24 *7 hours. In Delhi, the volunteer team installed crematorium glass wood insulated gas chambers to minimize wood usages at the crematorium. Volunteers have served 24 states and union territories to date of covid-19 relief efforts. Khalsa aid also starts to Help India breathe AS A VIRTUAL FUNDRAISER. For a very recent charity example, Khalsa Aid helped several people during WEST BENGAL CYCLONE “YASH” in 2021. In 2021, cyclone Yash destroyed three lakhs of houses and affect 10 million people. Khalsa aid volunteers provide hot cooked meals to around 1000 people daily. Volunteers also help in rebuilding homes damaged by the storm. The NGO deserves respect and we all should similarly try to do little things, the best we can for the aid of people in need. For any details you need on their works and donations please refer to

-Sahaj Preet Monga


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