केसरिया बलम आवोनी पधारो म्हारे देश!

Full Day City Tour of Jodhpur visit Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada


Amid lands of kings and lavishing colossal deserts lies the mesmerizing Sun City of Jodhpur. Known for its rich heritage and culture jodhpur has a unique charm that few can resist.
For 21 years I woke up looking at the panoramic blue hues of Suncity. This place has always permeated a sense of warmth and delight in me.
Well, Jodhpur, the most quintessential town is my native place, where I’ve been brought up for 21 years. For me, it is not just a place but is my first love, my solitude, my peace, and the chest of my treasuring memories. The city has always fascinated and motivated me.
Now, it has been exactly 1 year since I have moved out of Jodhpur, for higher studies and a better future.
Despite I am far away and not in jodhpur but still it feels like jodhpur is in me. I can never be disconnected from there. Whenever those precious memories of the place cloud me I just close my eyes and for an instant, I feel like I am there, there under the blue sunny sky of my childhood place feeling nostalgic and reliving the memories of the place I always cherish.
An anecdote is that I have a bit of a Love-Hate relationship with this place. Its warmth and hospitality have always pulled me towards it while the weariness it has, blows me out completely. While big metro cities have a lot of things to offer with a life full of hustle, Jodhpur looks quite a laid-back and calm peaceful place to be at. At times, its sluggishness kills, but at the same time, I see myself drowning in the chaos of metro cities too.
Jodhpur has its Royal vivacity, liveliness in the form of rich heritage, forts, and culture. But I have my memories attached to a few places, which I visited a lot –
The first one was Jaswant Thada – Built in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh, this exquisite architectural place built of white marble has many intricate carvings. This white adorable place has a lovely garden as well, to relax and admire the beauty. The view of Umaid Palace from Jaswant Thada is magnificent. Well, I remember, during our vacations and on Sundays, my dad use to take me here from a route quite hidden at the back with many hillocks and free of any crowd. That morning walks in calm peaceful fresh air were fun to me as a child.
The other place is very close to my heart which shows the blue hues of this Suncity better than the top of Mehrangarh Fort. The fort builds from red sandstone, rises from a rocky hill, is one of the largest forts in India.
When I was small, this fort just seemed like a fun place to me but as I developed a sense of admiration towards the rich history, beautiful palaces, vivid historical collection in the Museum, it all seems so enchanting to me.
Jodhpur offering its rich heritage has attracted tourists from around the world.
The childhood days spent here still fascinate me. No matter where life takes me, which path which place but always n forever my heart will call out to my first love, the city I spend my childhood in, the place that harbored my dreams, my hopes and many adoring reminisces.

-Neha Mathur

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