Women-hood always has been a fascinating topic for me. Being born as a woman is such a beautiful thing. Just as males are born with the iron built body and a strong heart, they also get the right to sit at the head of the table, they have a say at all important discussions, and females on the other hand are supposed to be coy, understanding beautiful creatures who are obedient, never argues or raises her point. These all qualities make everybody fall in love with her. CLIQUE, isn’t it?

These parameters that define who is a male or a female are so outdated. Don’t you want to see a woman chasing her dreams, making her life choices – like what she wants to wear, where she wants to go, with whom she wants to hang out with? Now this feels so liberating. Since childhood I have seen women in our families, the way they are portrayed in movies, television, they are always like the weaker of the other gender – like they always need someone to protect them or else if they stand up for themselves- women have never got anything without a fight. It is not only that only females are feeling the wrath of it. Because of these pre-defined criteria, some males are not able to express their emotions fully. They also can’t do anything that is considered less manly by society fearing mockery by not only society but your own family as well.


Growing up I am turning into a Feminist by heart. There is no need for a woman to clip her wings. We are blessed to be in a world that is much more accepting than before. There is nothing more empowering to see women excel in the corporate world, sport, movies, or any unexplored arena. We have so many prime examples in this world- we have Gita Gopinath, Indra Nooyi, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Kalpana Chawla Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Priyanka Chopra and the list will go on and on. Our ladies at home also need an applaud who have stood with us all along the way. 

Only my mother knows how much she pleaded with my father to let me go to Chandigarh to do my graduation and then to Jaipur. These experiences have undoubtedly helped me in becoming a better version of myself. I understand my rights and whether or not I am being discriminated against. There are certain times when we do feel vulnerable but the world is to blame for it. Women are the most amazing being- they are multitaskers in the true sense. They do it all without making it look like a task. That is why the most important task of creating another human being is also given to her. It’s high time, women should stand up for another woman and allow nobody, which means nobody to drag you down. The time has gone where we have been judged on GOL ROTI, Short skirts, skin color, our friend circle, our dream, and whatnot.    

 It’s sad that we still have discriminatory policies like unequal pay and women not being able to lead a firm, paying dowry in marriage, female infanticide. The fight for a girl child starts from the day she is conceived. Parents’ priority from day one should be to give their girl child the best of education, help her in being independent, help her achieve her dreams. She shouldn’t be dependent on anyone for her safety. Teach her karate martial arts, whatever it takes her to be strong. Every woman should try to be a role model for another little girl. I have enormous respect for women who have made it big in this biased world because I know how hard you have worked to get where you are. Never stop fighting for your dreams just because you are a girl.  

-Komal Dhal

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