Way Of Life In Mountains

Living in mountains? It’s harsh! Not many facilities around us and mostly, there is an electricity shortage. No fancy malls and luxurious multiplexes. No airports and trains are also not available in all areas.

Living in mountains! Such a fun experience it is! away from cities and seeing beautiful valleys and waterfalls. Peaceful environment and close to mother nature. Seeing lots of beautiful sights and doing lots of adventurous activities like camping and hiking.

The two kinds of life we imagine when it comes to thinking about life in the mountains. But the truth lies somewhere in between them. And we like it or not it also depends on us.

I belong to the mountains as my parents are born and bought up in Uttarakhand and so my maternal and paternal homes are also in Uttarakhand. Going to the mountains always feels like going home as Whenever I go to the mountains it always reminds me of my childhood. How I use to go to my Nani’s house and how I use to spend my summer vacations there. We used to eat so much street food there like noodles and momos. Even in the summers, we must carry sweaters and blankets because of so much cold weather at the time of May and June. My friends got jealous of me that I am from such a good state, and I always use to go to such a beautiful and cold place during the harsh summers in Rajasthan. Not only me but my family too have an attachment with mountains.

The villages in mountains have another level of experience I must say. Open sky and lots of open plains and we are under no boundaries. We feel a sense of freedom. Just run till we want, and no one is going to stop us. Fresh air, clean and green environment but for me, the most important thing is yummy and healthy food. That taste of the food I can’t forget.

When I go to my village for the first time, I was quite young (13 – 15 years old) and I was not in a great mood because there were no toys or tv which I love to play with and see during my holidays. To reach there, the half distance we covered from car and rest half was by walk as roads were not built at that time because of high altitude. The walking distance is of half an hour, and it was kind of my first hiking in my life. After reaching my village home, I was quite exhausted, and I just go to sleep immediately. There are not many rooms for all of us because our whole family was staying together. But there was no compromise in the enjoyment we had done. Born fire, eating roasted corn with chutney, singing, and dancing to our native songs, drinking chai, etc. what else do we need in winters?  indeed, it was fun, and we had a great time together. 

Water management in mountains is quite a task. And specifically drinking water. In cities, it was quite manageable but when it comes to villages, a harsh journey is to be covered. There was small kind of man-made pots where water comes from the underground for drinking. I used to go with my grandmother to fill drinking water for our whole family so that is why I know how much difficult it is to carry the weight for just a few kilometers.

Occupations in hilly areas also have a different composition in comparison to cities of plains. Mostly government jobs and businesses are to be found as their main occupation. Because private companies have not yet shown much interest in establishing their branches in hilly areas. All my relatives who reside there are either engaged in business or are in government jobs. Lower to the middle class in such areas are also engaged with the tourism industry in many ways like working as a guide or selling local items and associated with the hotels.

All I can say in the end is that I love to be in the mountains because it has a sense of serenity that all of us find in our lives. The fresh air calms our mind which helps us to think deeper and analyze our lives. The simplicity in the lives of local people made me realize how life can be so beautiful without all the luxuries that we crave.

Thank you

Mansi Parihar


3 thoughts on “Way Of Life In Mountains

  1. i loved the way you compared the two different aspects of living in mountains! you manged to explain the life in mountains in such a beautiful way,it was so catchy and felt like we were actually into it.


  2. Hello Ma’am, I really liked your blog, but I will really love if you write more blog on hiking as you belong to a place which is surrounded by the mountains. So, I think that you might have a lot of stories of mountains.


  3. I really liked the personal experience you shared at every point down the line. What really fascinated me is the way you started the blog, mentioning two whole different mentalities or thought processes of people when generally talking about life in the mountains. This is a very nice approach to keep your reader engaged.


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