Resilience in one word is ‘adaptability’ on the other hand Perseverance means striving hard for success. Perseverance and resilience go together hand in hand, as to achieve a goal you must complete a journey and it will have various setbacks, you will make some mistakes and it will result in something uncertain or the circumstances will change, you will have to be capable enough to recover from these setbacks.

Resilience is the ability to become stronger by learning from previous experiences or to become strong after something unacceptable happens. It helps you to bounce back in your life if an unfortunate incident took place. For instance, our body is resilient as it learns from previous virus attacks by improving immunity on the other hand ants portrays the best example of resilience as if we keep some hurdle in front of them, they will try to cross it no matter what or even if we hit them, they will get back again and try again with more power till they achieve their goal.

Inborn Superhuman Power

Everyone is born with resilience, from fear of walking on two legs to fear after watching a horror movie or anxiety related to the first day of school or fear of getting rejected by your crush. All these hurdles in your early life made you resilient. Everyone is born with some level of resilience. All you must do is go beyond your limits and try to achieve your goal just like an ant, be perseverant as it is the key factor to empower your superhuman ability to learn from your previous mistakes.

Life Pausing Trauma’s

Some traumatic experiences can stop you from moving forward in your life and hinder your life goals like getting abused or raped or going through violence, all these could lead to never-ending depression and to cope with such situations, you have to build your resilience even stronger, you have to keep on getting up even if you think it is the end of everything, just give it a try with better skill and more enthusiasm and you will achieve greater heights in your life.

Unforeseeable Life

 Life is full of uncertainties. We do not know what will happen next, even if we are fully prepared for our future, we cannot assure ourselves that our future will be like what we have already prepared for, so being resilient will help us to fight our life challenges in a better way. For instance, if you have asked to prepare a report about a certain subject and you did good research and gave your best and you were expecting that your boss will appreciate you but things take a turn and your boss scolds you for your work, rather than getting depressed about what happened you should start preparing to improve and try it again with better skill and power this is what resilience is all about, to get back up and strive harder.  

Heartbreaker Life

Adversities of life could also be a huge downfall to your viability. For instance, a newly married couple losses his/her partner, this kind of loss could break the inner core of your heart and make you fall into despair, and you will feel completely hopeless about your future, furthermore, this hopelessness could lead to depression and the result of depression is suicide. So, one could always build his resilience to its fullest and try to make it even stronger.

Secrets to resilient lifestyle

Be a punching bag

Uncertainty is a part of life. We never know what will happen next, and even if we are fully prepared for our future, we cannot guarantee that our future will be identical to what we have already planned, therefore you have to build the quality of coming back up just like a punching back, as after every punch it comes back again and again, similarly, after every hardship and difficulty you face in your life you have to keep coming back.

Proper diet

Taking a proper diet would help your immunity to boost up and antioxidants are nutrients that support the immune system and protect the body from free radicals. Foods including berries, apples, pecans, cherries, and plums, as well as garlic and onion, could help you to gain your immunity power. As your body is the main machine that allows you to endure all hurdles in your life, keeping your body fit is necessary.

 Getting enough sleep

Sleeping is the most crucial part as it helps your mind to recover from the physical, psychological, and emotional setbacks and helps you to recover from it. A substance produced by the pineal gland that regulates your sleep patterns is melatonin. During the night, levels rise, making you sleepy. While you sleep, your pituitary gland secretes growth hormone, which aids your body’s ability to grow and repair itself.

Be the Supreme Commander

You cannot control uncertainties, but you can control your reactions to the unfortunate incident that took place. As you are the supreme commander of your life you are the one who controls your life and no one else can change it. As many uncertainties will come and go you need to control yourself without going with the flow of emotions. As uncertainties come with an abundance of negative emotions, which could try to deviate you from your goal, you need to command yourself and control all the emotions.

Optimistic mantra  

Being optimistic would help you a lot in precariousness. As it would help to motivate you and reveal to you the positive hidden aspects in those unfortunate situations, you will be able to visualize a better future rather than falling into disparity and thinking about the negative aspects. It will also make you confident about the unforeseeable life as you would be thinking about all alternatives to recover your life from the ongoing traumas.

A valuable tip

Keep a never-giving-up attitude towards life learn from your mistakes and success will fall on your feet.


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