Social Media and how it affects people’s lives

To begin with, social media such as Facebook and Twitter are utilized by 96.6 percent of the world’s population today. People’s attitudes toward social media are influenced by how and what they utilize it for these days. Social media has been around for a long time for a variety of reasons, including news, communication, gaming, and updating what people are doing in their lives on sites like Facebook and Twitter, all of which have had a significant influence on society. People’s lives can be negatively impacted by social media. Social media has a variety of bad consequences, ranging from a false feeling of communication to bullying to stress in the lives of a young adolescent, or just harming the brain particles as a whole while many people believe that social media has a beneficial impact on how we think, others believe that it has a negative or no impact.  Jesse Fleck and Leigh-Migalski performed a study named The Impact of Social Media on Personal and Professional Life: An Adlerian Perspective to learn about the effects of social media on both professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, the study found that social media has a negative impact since there are more negative postings than good posts. However, many others feel that social media may benefit us all in numerous ways. By attempting to maintain contact with friends, seeking dating partners, or even making new acquaintances, or just expressing or analyzing society’s opinions and contrasting them to the individual’s thoughts. Although social media is a popular means of disseminating information, it may have several big negative consequences throughout a person’s life.

Social media might have several significant negative effects on the brain. People use social media to connect, either privately or publicly, to a website that others may access. Social media has a detrimental influence on people’s brains more than a good impact. For example, a post of a negative comment may interfere with someone’s emotions, but a nice comment can give them self-confidence. “Studies have shown researchers did a study with Facebook users to prove how social media could impact emotion either negatively or positively,”.  According to a study for being contagious on Online School Networks “Studies have shown researchers did a study with Facebook users to prove how social media could impact emotion either negatively or positively”. They had Facebook delete positive postings from the news feeds of over 680,000 individuals after noticing that these users began to post fewer positive and more negative messages”. This demonstrates how an emotional statement may impact the brain and cause a person to think negatively. Or insecure about something or someone that the individual had a different perspective on, even if they believed it was favorable. This demonstrates how emotions may be infectious and spread among individuals without their knowledge. Although “social media is recognized for its capacity to improve connections,” it has also been known to break couples apart due to its, “variations of sadness induced by the absence of significant-quality interactions”. This demonstrates that what is written on a social networking website is visible to the rest of the world and that a good or bad comment may make or destroy a connection by impacting the brain psychologically. Emotions are powerful and may wreak havoc on the brain, making it difficult for people to make decisions instead of considering the implications or what might happen to them. Emotions may influence individuals in a variety of ways; it has a significant impact on emotion since it is human nature to give what one receives. This shows how social media may have a detrimental influence on today’s individuals in a variety of ways, particularly emotionally.

In my opinion social media, it is good for those who use it carefully like it can be used to get information, get in touch with your friends, this is also used to communicate with friends and family, and many more things but social media is bad also if we are not using it carefully like when kids started using social media they don’t know the difference in a positive or a negative content they simply follow the post and try to copy that artist, much cyber hacking take place through social media if you are not using it carefully we will be in trouble.

Finally, one of the primary reasons why social media has a negative influence is due to a variety of factors ranging from a false feeling of communication to cyberbullying to a loss of productivity. “Social media sites can make it more difficult for individuals to distinguish between the genuine ties that people cultivate in the real world and the countless causal relationships established by social media,”. In the real world, it has a negative influence since individuals might fall in love with someone who isn’t them because they are a catfish, as opposed to seeing them face to face and seeing them in person. Cyberbullying is another harmful impact of technology. Predators who want to make fun of their pals and undermine their self-esteem use cyberbullying. As proven, “kids, in particular, are prone to the technique of cyberbullying, in which offenders harass individuals in front of their friends, anonymously or even acting as someone their victims trust”. The loss in productivity is the final major reason for how social media has a detrimental impact. This is when a company uses social media for professional objectives, such as communicating with clients, but its employees use it for personal reasons, such as chatting with friends and becoming distracted. New technological devices that allow social networks to be banned have been accessible, although their efficiency is still questionable. Overall, technology has a detrimental impact since it causes people to act differently around others, prompting them to make mistakes that may ultimately harm them.

Atishay Jain

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