Dhup mein mat Jao kali ho jaogi… (Don’t go out in the sun your skin will become dark.)

Chai mat Pio kali ho jaogi… (Don’t drink tea your skin will become dark)

Arre shaadi kaise hogi? (How will you get married?)

Ladki achi hai bas thoda rang daba sa hai… (The young lady is decent, yet her coloring is somewhat dull.)

Ladka acha hai standard kitna kala hai… (The kid is decent, yet he is darker looking.)

Color shaming has been so common in Indian society since the time people were treated differently, based on their skin tone. The behavior from an individual or a society based on the skin tone of a person affects him or her so much that the person starts taking mental stress and they lose their self-confidence

Unfortunately, this diversity in skin color has created a myth that only fair skin toned people are the epitome of beauty, while the people who have dark skin are not beautiful at all and are treated very badly and inferior. And this kind of behavior gives so much mental pressure on the dark skin toned people

In India, gender colorism is also quite seen where women are more affected by this as compared to males, directing their job and their marriage proposals. And because of this thinking girls are forced to lighten up their skin by using expensive and cosmetic products and not only girls are forced to that some do it by themselves only because when they others they feel inferiority complex and want to make their skin much fairer so that nobody has a chance to reject them. People who can’t afford the expensive cosmetic product start applying home remedies like gram-flour with curd, turmeric with honey, etc.

Not only the general public, but celebrities do face these problems, girls with dark skin are not preferred as compared to the fair skin one even if they are much more talented than the fairer one but still, they won’t be cast because it has become a myth that dark skin toned people don’t look so much attractive on-screen as compared to fair skin one. Most entertainers who have ruled India’s entertainment world have been lighter looking, especially the ladies, from Madhubala during the 1960s to Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif today. To make matters worse, some of these actors also make extra income by endorsing “fairness” products, further perpetuating the notion that when it comes to the complexion, lighter is simply better.

I would like to share an experience this not mine because I haven’t this issue but I have seen my cousin’s case, she is older than me so I don’t about her childhood much but my family talks about it and they all say that when she was born her skin tone was dark, nobody wanted to touch her and love her just because of her skin tone….when I heard this for the first time I was so shocked that how somebody can have such backward thinking. They all say that when she was very young everybody used to get tense in the family especially her parents that who will marry our daughter ?? will she get rejected??? and many more….but now when she is grown up and her skin tone has automatically changed and it is quite fair as compared to her childhood so now everybody is happy that and some people are jealous also that what she did to make her skin? what cosmetics is she using? is she applying any home remedy? And lastly, she and her parents are a bit relaxed as they are sure now that she won’t be rejected in her career factor as well as her marriage proposals.

This shortcoming is only created by people and the society we live in. It is like mind over matter, if you don’t mind it; it doesn’t matter. Your color and your body is the most precious thing, and you are born the way you are; you can carry yourself well and carry this body with the utmost confidence, which would kill so many stereotypical beliefs. So, wear that smile and kill such beliefs with your confidence!

Ishita Khandelwal


  1. Yeah I totally agree on the above facts , especially the example you have taken above. People are having the mentality of being “open minded” but that is limited to them only, they use to comment on others complexion and make their connections with them accordingly.


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