Happiness is Virtue

Happiness is just a simple looking word but, it is one of the most important words which can impact
your life in many ways. Happiness is like water, where we can not tell the actual price, which is huge
but available in abundant quantity, so I’m trying to say, happiness is available to everyone but they
don’t value it.
Happiness is a significant thing, when missing it, you will not be able to define your life. It is the one
thing, that helps you to survive in this harsh world. It soothes your soul, heals your soul & more
importantly, increases your lifespan also.
In life, many beings do (without even realizing) things that give them joy, but when to ask, they don’t
know, so if you are ever curious to know what gives you joy, just recall your entire day & I’m sure
you will get your answer.
Happiness is different for a different person & for me, it is to follow a proper daily schedule, like
waking up on time and brushing, etc. I love to do 35-40 Surya Namaskar just before bathing, it heals
me from the inside out, makes my mind at peace, gives me positive energy, and also gives me the
joy to start a day with proper care of myself. And of course, going out with friends after some days
of hard work, relaxing with friends, and taking everything slowly, it feels like we are fully charged for
another week or so.
I also know that many of the readers would not agree with my way. Still, in the beginning, as I
mentioned, everyone has a different meaning of happiness & if you don’t follow your way, you
always feel, you are missing something.
If talk about India, it stands at 136 th in the happiness index, so as a part of society, I would like to
suggest, that people should at least try to endure every possible happy moment, they get in their
competitive world. These people always work tirelessly without even realizing that they are losing
the best time in their life because after they get old, they will not get many opportunities to do fun
and laugh with friends and enjoy life.
In the end, I would say this to everyone, life is short you will not realize, when will this be over, so
wake up, do what you want to do, and be happy.

-Puneet Gupta

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