What is Happiness for me?

What is happiness for me? Happiness for me is waking up in the morning,
Happiness for me is living a new day every day. As we are all unique
humans everyone has a different definition of happiness and I think that
every definition of happiness is the right one. You cannot define happiness
as achieving a goal, buying a house, and everything grand. Happiness can be
eating out with friends and family. Happiness can be as small as going to
college and meeting your friends, it can be knowing that classes are
canceled and you can go home for the day too. Now as for me I think
happiness is spending time with my family and friends, watching series, or
even just having my favorite food. Happiness is making up after a fight, it
is having a good 7 hours of sleep and even getting a good picture clicked. I
think happiness finds us rather than us finding happiness. Happiness finds us
in nooks and corners of our room, happiness finds us in checking our
pockets and recovering a 10 rupees note from them. Even though you knew it
was yours but finding it feels like a big achievement. Happiness can get you
through your day. Happiness can be that one ray of sunlight on gloomy,
rainy days. Happiness matters to me because this is the only reason I live
through it every day. I think we all live for happiness, to get happiness in life
in any form like getting a job, passing an exam, or even having your
favorite chocolate. Happiness keeps us going through our day and I think
that somewhere happiness keeps us healthy too. I think we can be happier
by finding happiness in small things even finding happiness in starting
our day. Being happier reflects our mood and our personality too. Finding a
positive in hundred negative things is also happiness, thinking that yes
tomorrow will be a better day is also happiness. So yes I would like to say
that yes happiness has a different meaning for everyone but I think that
everyone should be happy, happy in their ways.

– Nishita Chadha

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