How can we define luck and success? As per the American English, it is basically defined as the
happening of the events by chance or accidentally or incidentally. Success on the other hand is
based on the right actions that one makes at the right time and makes sound decisions. The first
step for successful business and success is “make a plan”. Owner would not start a business if
he/she didn’t take the opportunities to the fullest. To get success one should not depend on his
/her fortune, rather, should take careful and calculated decisions and should have risk driven
personality to move out of his comfort zone and upgrading the bar of the business. An
entrepreneur does not get successful because luck showers on them, his business booms due to
the opportunities he/she grabs at the right time. To achieve success luck is not the only factor in
the life of an entrepreneur, rather, risk driven and positive attitude becomes a key element for the
entrepreneurs. “No efforts, No success”.
I have read a content on a page named “trillionaires_business” on instagram. In that content
they told about the attacks of September 11, a company that had its offices at the world trade
center invited its executives and employees who had for some reason survived the attack to share
their experiences. The reasons they gave, you won’t believe were the smallest. Some of the
reasons were: the Director of the company was late because he attended his son’s kindergarten
day. Another survived because he missed the bus, a woman was delayed because her alarm clock
didn’t ring in time, one had a problem with his car, but the story that impressed the most was that
of a man who put on a new pair of shoes that morning and before he went to his office he had a
blister which made him to visit the pharmacy first and that’s why he’s alive today. So some
things happen by luck too but one should not rely totally upon luck, rather always be optimistic
and think always that “we are in the right place at the exact moment”.
In my opinion, one should also have a clear thought in the mind that luck driven success is
incidental and skill driven success is purposeful. You will never know what you can do unless
and until you try. We should follow only one MANTRA- “The harder you work, the luckier you
By – Iena Sharma


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