When we talk about luck, what generally comes up in our minds, fate, philosophy or may be
fortune. But for some people it’s simply a myth, and I am one of these people. I believe that
luck is an accident that happens to the competent. I believe if you are determined,
hardworking, and ethical, you would be surrounded by a positive energy which leads to good
things happening to you, what some might refer as luck.

As an aspiring PGDM student, when we relate luck to business, well there is no such thing
exists there. Successful entrepreneurs did not achieve success by rolling a dice one day; it
takes a lot of cautious and considered decisions, as well as having the drive to act at a certain
moment in time.
If you believe you are lucky, it is in your head, and if you believe you are unlucky, it is also
in your head. People associate luck with miracles or even superstitions, yet it is a
psychological phenomenon; you become what you believe.
Consider a chance experiment conducted by a British psychology professor, Richard
Wiseman, who distributed newspapers to a group of individuals and asked them to count the
number of photos in each.
Few persons who were deemed lucky delivered answers in seconds, while others who were
considered unlucky took their time finding out the solution. The hitch was that it was
previously indicated at the conclusion of the newspaper that there are 43 photographs in the
newspaper. The outcome was that people who were more attentive and positive were
regarded as lucky, rather than the other way around.

Conclusion being “You don’t need luck in your life, you need a lucky attitude towards life.”

Submitted by: Mansi Verma

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