Channelizing your failure into actions…

Mujhse nhi hogaa abb…Mai apni life mai fail hogya hu….
You might have often heard these kinds of phrases from your friends, family, or close ones,
when we don’t get the desired results, these are the common reactions to it. But If this term
failure is taken in another sense then it always comes with a lesson and experience to teach.
Let’s see how?
Can your failures be channelized?
Absolutely Yes, they can be done in such a way to move forward to accomplish
goals or an individual’s desired result. Failure is your best friend which helps you to walk on the
correct path to success. It helps an individual to walk on the corrective path which would
ultimately help him/her to move forward with more amount of experience, and learn and
grasp things in a better way, therefore It is correctly said that success is action-oriented.
For example, before going to the gym we feel like not going to it but if we take
the correct action to go there and do the required workout the utility derived from it gives us
the motivation to perform a greater number of workouts in the future. It is to be mentioned here that
action happens at first then success and ultimately the motivation to perform better (In the future)
to achieve or to move forward towards success.
Failures need to be celebrated. This Phrase is very much subjective but it is suggested
here that it should be taken in a positive way or just a constructive way of solving a problem,
it would make an individual even more confident, self-regulated and honest towards his or
her tasks that need to be accomplished. If failures are taken positively or if an
the individual finds out why he/she failed, the purpose is served, and he/she is halfway to success.
I would like to quote my personal experience here, I was not able to meet up the
expectations of my teachers with my class 12th results, On the other hand, I was happy that
with the limited time frame, I have scored more than average, later I realized it was my failure
to not to realize the lesson that my teachers expected more than I expect from myself
Therefore it is evident from the above-stated example to learn from your failures and realize
what went wrong?
Failure can happen to you both personally and professionally. Many companies have
studied over the past years that their organization sustained in a particular situation because
before they failed and then performed better day by day. One of the best examples of this is
Walt Disney the most creative geniuses of the century was once fired from a newspaper
because he was told that he lacked creativity! He made his first animation company Laugh-O-
Gram films for which he initially raised $15,000 but eventually it was closed, after which he
made his step forward to Hollywood and his first classic films became a blockbuster.
As appropriately said by the spiritual leader of India Ravi Shankar Ji in his book ‘An
Intimate note that’, have you ever witnessed the beauty of water in a waterfall? If a rock falls,
it shatters, but when water falls, it generates power and beauty. That’s the lesson failure teach us not to shatter but embrace ourselves and emerge as even more strong individuals and
to learn from our past experiences.

By- Srishti Yadav

2 thoughts on “Channelizing your failure into actions…

  1. Such a relatable topic from which every person has gone through in his / her life, but the real heroes are only those who accept their failures and move on their in their life to achieve success. A good start of the blog by “Mujhse nhi hogaa abb…Mai apni life mai fail hogya hu….” because we often misunderstand the word failure with the ending, which is not true. Everyone should learn from their failures and do more hard work to achieve them, as stated in your example of how Walt Disney made his first classic blockbuster film after he got fired from a newspaper, he didn’t stop yet and decided to move on and win the battle.


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