Fear is a common thing, that every human faces in their life at some point. If someone ever finds
someone who doesn’t fear at all, then he might be considered abnormal. It can be stage fear, public
speaking, fear about the uncertain future, etc. which considers normal. But the important thing is
how you overcome these fears because many just let their fear take control over them & only a few
fights back and overthrow this small little word from their life. Those who successfully overcome

fear are the ones who become successful and examples for others.

Many things hold back many talented people like shivering hands, sweating, etc from shining, and
those also who know everything but didn’t able to gather the courage, or their voices get cracked
when they speak up. These all-little things come our way as part of fear. The way to overcome this
fear is regular participation and constantly fighting with yourself. If you ever think of the idea that
people will make fun of you or they will discard you because you are not that good, I am telling you

this is all in your mind & actually people want to support you.

Regret is the most hurtful word that many times comes after fear in the process. First, you will fear
doing something, and then after time passed you regret why I missed that opportunity. It always
happens because you are thinking about the result of the aftermath which makes you even crazier
because how can anyone know about the future? So, to overcome this, you have to just simply raise
your hands and let fate decides what will happen next, you just have to go with the flow after
participating. It might lead to something great which gives you more confidence for sure.
There are many fears which are made by you unknowingly and you are the only one who can resolve
this like fear about the future. You can live only present, if you get upset yourself by just thinking
about the future, then you could never live in the present, and time is like sand that you cannot
hold, once gone then gone and when you realize this, it might already be late, so live the present

and leave the future to your future self.

Lastly, I want to mention to you that, fear is only in our minds and it’s up to you whether you want
to live in fear or you want to overcome this because the world after conquering fear looks easy,

enjoyable, and beautiful with full of stories.

By- Puneet Gupta

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