Behind Every Independent Girl There is an Open-Minded Father

We come across many such stories about how a girl attained her dreams and the reason was her father. We feel inspired and emotional listening to such insights. Right? I have one such story of mine where, where I am, who I am, it’s because of him. Like every father he is protective of me. He never doubted my intentions, nor has he ever questioned me. He always saw me as reliable too. 

I come from a society where girls aren’t supposed to move out from their homes in order to make a living for themselves or to pursue higher education. Despite that, my father stood beside me always, though, he never really expressed his emotions to me directly, and he has put his faith in me and always thought that his daughter will one day make him proud. Being the oldest child in the house, I too had certain responsibilities to take care of, besides which I was also supposed to do bank work, to handle certain chores related to money. He believed that I understand the value of being able to do such things by myself, the value of being INDEPENDENT!

When I decided to move out for higher education, he said fine. He was even criticized by everyone for his decision. He stood by his words. That time one of my cousins, who was also allowed to move out for education, decided to marry a guy she loved, even then, when everyone at home was in a bad shape about all this, my father stood for her too. Even then he didn’t speak a word regarding all this. He has supported me then, he is still supporting me. 

I remember the time when my family was ready to set off for the hometown after settling me in Jaipur, everybody was emotional, everything seemed blurry, but I seemed rigid with his emotions, no sign of a tear, no complaints, no demands, nothing. But when I called home after a few days I heard from my mother that he cried for me. He missed me. And that was hard for me to accept. My Father, who never directly talked to me, never expressed his emotions to me; cried for me. That was the time I felt that immense love of my father for me. Flashbacks were playing, moments before they went after seeing me off, moments when I was preparing to say goodbye. I started to see the unseen, I started to see what he has never shown to anyone. I wasn’t ready to believe what I heard. But that was true. That motivated me to fulfill what he has never asked me to but believes that I will do for him. And I will.

I feel very grateful to him for whatever he has so far done for me. For the faith he has put in me, for believing in his daughter. For setting me free! 

For all the fathers who believe in their daughters; you are real heroes!

I love you PAPA.


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One thought on “Behind Every Independent Girl There is an Open-Minded Father

  1. It is always overwhelming coming across such incidents or experiences of other people. It fills me with deep emotions knowing that there are fathers supporting their daughters despite being surrounded by this narrow-minded society according to which girls are nothing but burdens on the family. It makes me think about my father; coming from a conservative family, paving a path against the beliefs and ethics of one’s family, is not a right hands job; he never said no to my wishes and desires. Always protected me and dealt with my stubbornness as if he cannot afford to see me in distress. It was a couple of years ago when I really got to know what my father has done for me and what he is still doing. I am so grateful to him for love he has showered upon me without even saying a word, without even saying “I love you”. I guess that’s how a father shows his emotions without really showing them.


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