Bombay, Peace and Chaos

Chaos is a state of utter confusion or total disorder. I think we all face such kinds of situations in our daily life. Our mind never stops thinking. According to some research, people typically have 6000 thoughts per day. Even in sleep, our mind keeps on working. I think the very nature of the mind is to be tense or in a state of confusion. So how can a person find peace in such a hectic life schedule?

After completing my 12th standard, I went to Mumbai to pursue my undergraduate degree. Living in Mumbai on your own is a big task itself. Life in Bombay moves pretty fast. As the saying goes, “Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, something is always happening.”

Leaving home was one of the hardest things for me as many of us are too attached to our family; leaving home and starting to live alone is like a nightmare for many of us. But there is no room for growth while living in your comfort zone. However, staying in your comfort zone prevents you from growing. Everyone advises to step outside of your comfort zone in order to grow. I kind of disagree with this; people frequently disregard the comfort zones they have built up because they believe it’s wrong or undesirable to require one. It’s not. If you deny that you have a comfort zone or pretend that you don’t need one, you’ll be stressed all the time. You just need to expand your comfort zone and make things comfortable that are scary to do.

I used to visit home whenever I had the chance during my first year of living in Mumbai because I was so homesick. Living alone presented many challenges, so the Chaos was all around me at that time. But as time passed on, I took my time to understand the issue. People typically miss their family, pets, familiar surroundings, and meals when they are homesick. When we miss home, we experience unease and insecurity about our current place. However, as time passed, I was able to meet people, and college provided me with the time and opportunities I needed to become familiar with Maharashtrian culture and tradition.

I’ve learned how to find a spot in the crowd from riding those crowded local trains to taking the local buses. I initially struggled to comprehend how Mumbai’s local trains operate. I used to get so confused at times that I would board the wrong train. I once read a quote that said, “My mom used to say that sometimes even the wrong train takes us to the right station.” This incident always makes me think of this quote.

Life is hectic these days, there are too many people in this world, and everyone wants what the others have. We all run after perfectionism, finding that perfect job, perfect college and doing things in a perfect way. Most people feel judged by society that wants them to be perfect. I believe that striving for perfection and becoming overly preoccupied with some goals causes many people to feel disoriented and lost. So, I began meditating in an effort to break out of this frustrating cycle. Meditation is just observing your mind, body and feeling without judgment. The practice of meditation increases self-awareness. Numerous advantages of meditation include increased mental clarity, better mental health, and relief from anxiety and depression and many more.

In order to find peace in this busy and chaotic world, I would say that it is crucial to keep a proper balance. Peace and Chaos are a combination of opposite energies which combine a unity of balance. Our ability to clearly see our objectives, maintain our concentration, and accomplish them without stress is made possible by inner peace. And one should consistently engage in the pursuits that bring them peace. It can be something simple, like reading a book or listening to your favourite music, Going out with friends or on your own. I remember spending my time at Marine drive in Bombay. I used to hang out there all night long with my friends. I can still recall that breeze of the sea, The sea in Bombay smells of people’s desires and dreams.

Sahaj Jain

Section C

PGFC 2250

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