F- for Foodie and Fitness.

A healthy outside starts from the inside..

We as Indians, we are inclined to be people of extremes. Republican or Democratic, Vegan or Carnism. Fitness fanatic or couch Potato.  We are even extreme in our attempts at self-fulfillment and improvement.

For instance, we binge-watch Netflix and become junk food addicts overnight or we miss gym twice, so we shred the whole plan and accept the fact that we will be inactive forever.

Being overweight or obese is having more body fat than is ideally healthy. Being overweight is especially common where food supplies are higher and fitness is equal to none.

It increases the risk for various serious health problems, excess body fat puts pressure on the bones and organs, and it also affects complex changes in hormones and metabolism and increases inflammation in the body.

And to overcome these complications people tend to switch from being overweight to indulging in intense workouts with sometimes improper use of the equipment and without a proper diet immediately which leads to raising the risk of overuse injuries, like tendinitis and stress fractures. These injuries result from repetitive trauma, the same happens if you don’t follow the right diet, it will contribute to stress, and tiredness and our capacity to work will be hampered.

Your immune system can likewise suffer.

But Fear not, foodies, your goals are within reach.

With the right target in place, you can have both great food and good health without sacrificing flavors along the way.

Let me motivate you with my own experience, growing up in a Haryanvi family we tend to eat a lot, and living in a city like Gurgaon how can one be not a foodie?

So from my childhood, I used to get sick frequently because of eating too much junk food and I was a kid who used to love being at home, watching cartoons, and was physically inactive, this leads to a serious deterioration of my health as I got to know about a stone that had stuck in my ureter which needs immediate surgery.

Then 4 years ago the same stone situation happened again but a day before going under surgery the stone dissolved itself.

That day I decided to change my lifestyle for a better and healthier tomorrow. And took a baby steps like waking up early and going for a walk and limiting calories intake by gradually turning these tiny steps into bigger ones I joined the gym and started with light cardio and exercise and lost 10 kgs weight within a month

After getting these results I was more motivated and serious about my diet so I decided to make the food of my choice and converted unhealthy junk food into healthy and nutrition full snacks like a healthy burger, healthy pizza, etc .

The amount of food you eat should equalize with your working out sessions. Eating your favorite food should be part of your healthy diet plan so that you are motivated to stick to it for a longer period, perhaps forever. This diet was a dream come true for me simply because I no longer had to resist my cravings.

And simply this has promoted not only better physical health but also reduced sensitivity to disease. I have not only succeeded in maintaining weight but also have healthily satisfied my cravings. 

Losing weight and being fit is a difficult task but it doesn’t have to be boring like you can continue to enjoy the food you love by limiting the quantity you consume because


So have faith and fully dedicate yourself to it and don’t forget to drink plenty of water and rest well.

Piyush Sharma 

Section C

3 thoughts on “F- for Foodie and Fitness.

  1. The blog is really well-written and contains a wealth of helpful advice and information. I really like the manner in which you have described the science underlying exercise and good life. It is crucial to comprehend how our bodies function in order to make the healthiest decisions.
    I appreciate reading fitness blogs because they provide me with fresh ideas for working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I like how they often combine personal anecdotes with ideas and guidance, and I am always encouraged to take action after reading one. I believe it’s fantastic that so many individuals are willing to share their expertise and assist others in improving their fitness levels.
    I constantly learn something new from blogs of this kind. Continue your wonderful effort!


  2. A little something never hurts, well it’s truly said and I believe that one must know about most things, well as I was going through the blog which one should I read, F for foodie and fitness just rolled in and I couldn’t resist my eyes falling somewhere else, the blog is well written and a reader could feel the essence because it’s the paradox to maintain both taste and fitness. Well, I would like to know more about how can one keep the fitness going while being a foodie, the best line in the blog was one needs to change the lifestyle for our future self, dieting isn’t boring one can make it interesting while having a healthy burger, and at least it was amazing to have an experience of going through your blog we got to know health starts from keeping healthy inside. My compliments to the author and you must keep going and writing blogs.


  3. I am a foodie and fitness enthusiast. I love to cook and eat healthy, delicious food.
    Your blog has helped me found that my two passions – food and fitness –is a great way to stay healthy and happy.
    You have wonderfully included a wide range of subjects, including guidance on managing stress and anxiety as well as suggestions for a balanced diet and exercise regimen.
    The blog is stuffed full of insightful knowledge and helpful advice, showing your obvious passion for assisting others in improving their health. It’s a delight to peruse the blog because it’s also well-written and simple to read.
    This blog is absolutely worthwhile reading if you’re looking for healthy lifestyle inspiration or simply want to learn more about how to lead a healthier life.
    I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for knowledge on healthy living.


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