Health and Fitness

“Good things come to those who sweat”

It contains a small reinforcement to find a way to keep our body in good shape. It includes all the physical activities and a balanced diet to maintain our healthy lifestyle. In today’s time we are dealing with the global pandemic Covid-19 it is important to take care of your life style as in recent research all those persons who do exercise 5 times a week are fit and have good immunity power all those who do YOGA or any physical exercise maintain their lifestyle are recovered with this Covid-19.

In recent times people are aware of fitness and health and they take fitness seriously. As I have seen most of the youth went to the gym and some walk, not only youth but also the senior citizens, they take their lifestyle very seriously as compared to earlier.

In today’s world most of the youth are facing hell lot of diseases due to being overweight or they do not follow a healthy lifestyle. I am not saying that overweight people are less than those who are fit. My point of view is that now the world has become more into fitness. Healthy lifestyle brings happiness to people as they can cope up with the world.

Let me share my experience, in 2019 my weight was around 80 to 85 kgs. I was overweight because of COVID19. My friends left me alone and my best friend start avoiding me. After 2 months of that situation, I went for counselling than my life changes from there they suggest me to go to for fitness before that I were never ever into fitness even, from now I joined gym initially I spent 2 hours there as I am a beginner, I faced problem I am too able to do exercise I am not able to follow my diet but as time passes, I can see changes within myself.

From overweight to fitness freak I faced many problems but I enjoyed it. I can say that now if I feel confident it is all because of my healthy lifestyle or fitness. I can say that fitness helped me to overcome my fear.

In the end I would like to say that if I do not take the step toward Fitness and Healthy lifestyle I can’t imagine how my life is. I would suggest everyone to follow a healthy lifestyle. Not only do you go to the gym but you can follow a healthy lifestyle from home. It helps us to calm ourselves so at last I would suggest that we follow a healthy lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Health and Fitness

  1. Definitely true! After reading this blog, I feel more energized and driven to concentrate on improving my physical fitness. Since the epidemic, it has been crucial for us to prioritize our health and wellness through yoga Practice, physical activity, or going to the gym. To ensure our health, we should lead a healthy lifestyle. And the confidence we gain from exercising is unquestionably the best.


  2. Yes, you are right as heath and fitness is an important part of the life once should follow basic diet to stay healthy and fit. Health is now important because of that global pandemic as many people has suffered but I can say a lot of them are cured by doing yoga only and one of an interviews it is said that yoga is helpful in during the COVID-19.
    I must say the way you shared your experience is really connecting as I can connect to it by myself and for sure many of our age group people can connect with your experience, I know its hard when you need someone and there is no one.
    It’s a wonderful blog you have explained a lot through your experience and it’s really motivating.


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