Life after daily college and its implications

So, I think you guys already know what I am going to say, yes you understood correctly, the word is lethargic.

Every morning, I guess everyone feels like today is the day where you will make the change and make every effort to make the day a success. Specifically, if I speak about myself, I always start my day with positivity, do 40 Surya namaskar, and think about the whole day like what I have to do and all, including the part after daily college also.

Everything will go according to the plan or schedule which I have thought of in my mind. When I leave the college campus at 6:00 PM, I always try to determine that I will surely go home and take a little rest while eating dinner and then I will revise what I have been taught so far, do some project work, fill out forms, etc. But after eating dinner, my body is like, that’s it for today & I begin to feel lethargic. After around 10:30 PM, I realize at least I should do some important work that surely has to be completed, and after that, I go to sleep around 2:00 AM, mostly waking up at around 5:00 AM.

All this leads to a single thing, as a student, I sometimes wasn’t able to concentrate in my classes & specifically speaking when the class is theoretical, because we have to just listen, we are not doing any activity which keeps us busy and in a moving state.

Most importantly, it’s not like I or people like me love to wake up at night. Many times, I have to do assignments that are given to me & after doing that again and again, it turns into a habit. Now, even if I don’t have any work or assignments, my body always reacts like I have to wake early or sleep early because some part of my brain is telling me “Wake up wake up puneet you might have something to do” and it goes like this and if I just in case didn’t wake early then a tone of negative thoughts comes to my mind and haunt me like, you waste your time in sleep, what about your studies, assignment, etc. So, next time I try to be more cautious.

If you guys think I’m going mad, of course not, it is just our body adapts fast and easily & in my case, it adopts this very gradually & now I feel like I will not be able to overcome this.

So in the end, I am trying to say sleep well, and take proper rest because it is also important to give some rest to your body.

-By Puneet Gupta

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