It’s 2 in the morning and suddenly it hits like a strong wave in the ocean and you get swamped away with it.

Who am I? What am I doing with my life? Am I doing it right? Will I make any difference? 

And most importantly- Is it worth it? Am I worth all this?

Frequently or infrequently it happens with everyone. That scenario when we are sitting in solitude and the only thing occurring is our questions on our self-worth or anything related to our lives. Sitting on your balcony and thinking what to do next will give you the clarity of the path. To lose the shackles of the mind-set which is not letting us move forward; this amount of stress is surely requisite. We all go through this phase in our lives on a regular basis no matter what we have achieved or how much changes we are making to get what we want. This never ending phase of low feelings is inevitably right. Everyone feels it and there is nothing wrong with it. It only lets us think about what can be done and helps us to act on it.

To bring a push to our lives these events are necessary to occur. But is it right to take it to an extreme level? No. Everything should have its limits and so should such events. It is on us if we learn from it and move on or we sit back and get ready to blame ourselves in the future.

There are times when we mistake such episodes with the word “Emotional Breakdowns”. But the reality of these breakdowns is very different from what we experience in our daily lives. When this stress begins to overwhelm a person so much that his personal as well as professional life is compromised, then it is certain that these are the symptoms of emotional breakdown. This is the time when people don’t share their feelings with anyone as it is not easy for them to do it. It is hard to deal with it but one should try to discuss it with someone which would have a huge impact on its treatment.

So as human beings it is our responsibility to be aware of our surroundings so that we can help others in need and help spread the awareness about mental wellbeing that it is a necessary part of us and a taboo.

We humans have a pool of emotions and it is OKAY to have low points in our lives.

Arisha Jain

Section C

One thought on “OCEAN OF EMOTIONS

  1. The blog revolves around a topic that to be honest is personal and not just to me but to a lot of people. There are times when we fail to understand those emotions and these words are thought to be taboo. I appreciate the fact that the author of the blog talked about it and she did justice to what she is feeling. Low-key these are the questions that i have in my mind not just 2 in morning but otherwise. Its good she talked about it to let those capped emotions out.


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