In this era of hard competition, where we all are in a race to come ahead, the only thing that matter to succeed is Self Help. With the help of self-help, we can know our self-worth and our capability to do anything. To find success, you should prioritize “YOUR SELF”.

Someone said that “Self-love is a must”. I also believe that “making your heart happy is your responsibility, not other people”. At this time, you need to believe in yourself. It’s true when you start thinking for yourself, people will say you are selfish, you only think for yourself. But it’s wrong. The truth is that when you are happy, you make others happy. Yaa, it’s true, sometimes our happiness is related to others’ happiness, but not all the time. So, firstly, you should start to love and care for yourself because no one can take care of you.

                I think “Self-help is the pillar of your success”. It’s a way of respecting who you are and can motivate you to grow up to be something better. Being kind to yourself will increase your self-love and sense of worth, which will make you feel much better than you did before.

It’s easy to motivate others, but when it comes to us, motivating ourselves is not easy. We all have self-awareness in different-different areas. When it comes time to speak in front of a crowd, for example, someone may be nervous about “what people will say” or “people will start judging them,” and so on. All this ends when you start focusing on yourself and helps you grow up. You know very well what is wrong for you and what is right for you. So never let somebody else take decisions for you. You are self-sufficient to make your own decision. Success is never found if you are expecting others to motivate or guide you. A truth you should know is “others can show us mirrors only, but to succeed or achieve a goal, you should take your step up. Only you can do that for yourself; no one else can. For example, we must have told the story of the “thirsty crow”. In this story, if the crow waited for others to come and help, he would die of thirst. The story is also about the prospective that, there is always a hidden opportunity in every situation in our life. With the help of self-help, we can come over any difficult situation in our life.

                 It happens to everybody in life, when we must help ourselves, we don’t, and after that, we feel regret. “Why I didn’t?” I remembered when one day it happened to me. When I should have helped myself, I didn’t, and after that, I was regretting ” why I didn’t”. I felt low, upset, and confused about what to do next. At that time, I was very disappointed with myself. I didn’t understand what to do, but in some circumstances, you may feel you need to talk with your loved ones to get rid of the situation. And when something happens to me, I talk to my elder sister, and that’s what I did at that time. I know she has solutions for all my problems. I tell her all my things: when I go in front of a crowd, I feel very nervous. I start hesitating and forget everything I have to say.

                She understood why this happens to me after hearing my words. She explained that you are afraid that if you say something incorrectly, people will laugh at you and start judging you, which is why you are nervous, hesitate, and forget your words. She said, firstly, you say no to yourself, not to people. She explained to me that “fear cannot vanish; it can be controlled”. When you learn to control your fear, then you will never feel hesitate to speak in front of a crowd. After that, she told me the story of Ekalavya. With self-help and self-discipline, he achieved the mastery of the art of Archery. 

                  After listening to the story, I understood the importance of self-help. When I say no, I realize that I say NO to myself, not to what other people say. I understood that no one can stop you until you stop yourself. So, if you want to achieve your goal, if you want success to touch your feet, first start learning to help yourself and love yourself.

Mr. Prafulla Billore said that,

“When times were tough, I battler hard

When no one was around to support me, I stood strong

When there was no guidance, I held the torch myself

When everyone doubted me, I choose to shut them down with my dedication.”

This is the best example of self-help. If he doesn’t take a stand for himself, he will never reach where he is. He never depends on anyone. He helps himself. That’s why he achieves his goals. I believe that “the biggest help in this world is self-help”.

I would like to end my words with a phrase in which I strongly believe.

“God Help Those Who Help Themselves.”

Shivangee Kumari

2 thoughts on “SELF HELP!!

  1. Well-written blog by Shivangee Kumari on Self Help. Yes, self-help is important. People are expecting others to help them without knowing the power is within. E.g. Many girls are expecting boys to help them in their hard work by saying how can I can do I am not that strong, why just make yourself strong, it’s a real-life, not reel in which there is always a hero to help the heroine. Be your own hero, you are enough to tackle your problems.
    I love this blog a lot and got more clarity on self-help.


  2. I absolutely agree with the blog’s author. Why do we need to rely on others to support us when things are tough? Why do we require the assurance of others in order to feel content and secure?
    We are all responsible for our own happiness, thus we must have enough self-confidence to realize that we are capable of achieving it on our own. The first step to success is loving yourself, so start doing it. For self-love and self-help to seem more realistic and attainable, we need more articles like this.


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